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Bedard: Trump “Furious” Over Guilfoyle’s Play for Spicer’s Job

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer may or may not lose his job. But if he does, Kimberly Guilfoyle ain’t getting it.

According to Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner:

President Trump is “furious” at reports that Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle is gunning for White House spokesman Sean’s Spicer’s job, telling aides that his press secretary is a vital part of his operation, according to insiders.

Knowledgeable sources said that Trump was angered when she went to the press to announce that she was talking to Trump aides about the job.

Trump apparently thinks she’s using the prospect of working for him to benefit herself in some way. She said one reason she might get the job was because she can communicate with Trump. She proved herself mistaken. Pressuring Trump through the media is not the way to get him to so something.

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8 Responses to Bedard: Trump “Furious” Over Guilfoyle’s Play for Spicer’s Job

  1. Guilfoyle made a stupid, major tactical move by blabbing about her interview (or whatever form of communication they purportedly had). She broke her trust with Trump, and she’ll never be asked to join the WH team again. Breaking a confidence is an elementary mistake a teenager might make, and she committed it big time.

  2. Are knowledgeable sources and anonymous sources the same person? Or persons?
    Can anyone go on the record, anyone step up and put it all on the line or are we to be gaslighted for the next 4 years with innuendo and supposition?

    Red herrings, secret notes passed in a dimly lit garage, anon emails sent issuing warnings, and clandestine rooting among official papers is so, so, Agatha Christie-like and not something the public deserves from the MSM, or the Trump administration.

  3. I thought Guilfoyle was unprofessional. I like her but she deserves this. Little chance she will work for Trump while he is President.

    I hedge a little because I do not understand what that Omarosa person is doing in the WH. Oh well.

    • Guilfoyle tinkled in her Cheerios if she even had a remote chance. Personally I think they should do away with the daily press meetings. They aren’t what I consider journalists. I can’t watch it.
      They beat a dead horse over and over.

  4. I have always had great respect for Kimberly Guilfoyle , so perhaps I do not believe anything
    anyone says about her, especially since all
    this fake news has now become fashionable.