As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Photo of the Day || Trump Lights the White House Blue

In honor of our fallen men and women who wear the blue uniform.

6 Responses to Photo of the Day || Trump Lights the White House Blue

  1. Very impressive, a nice gesture from the President.
    By the way, it didnĀ“t take long until Obama started with all these gala-dinners and parties in the White House. And the golfing and the vacations. I think it proves that he really was just a front figure, “they” allowed him to have all that fun and all that luxury if he said and did what he was told. Trump, so far, only has working lunches as far as I know. He is a hard working man with an agenda of his own, not a front figure.

    • You’re right, swedishlady! Barry was/is just a puppet. President Trump is the real deal. Sadly, the comments on his tweet commemorating Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week are full of negativity and spite.

      • NoDhimmi, oh, the negativity and spite….Our MSM is an echo-chamber of the American MSM so the top news right now is that Trump “leaked” something concerning an IS-source to the Russians when they were in DC. Since when is it a crime to cooperate in the fight against IS ?! The American MSM is incredible,so hateful, so full of spite, it spins, twists just any piece of “news” or rumour or whisper, just to hurt Trump. It is drip-drip-drip, Chinese water-torture. They obviously believe that with an avalanche of hate, they can persuade the audience. I think it is the opposite. It may strengthen Trump in the end.

        • It probably is not too long before some stupid media person makes a statement that is truly seditious.

          In my opinion that has already been done. But it will take a supernatural force for anything to be done about it.

          Filth is all they are. Just plain filth.