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Did Obama Never Leak Anything at all to the Russians?

You don’t know, do you?

But I ask you, amid the reporting that President Trump shared some classified information with the Russians, do you think that over the course of eight years, that Barack Obama, who was dealing constantly in classified information, never ever ever ever shared anything of the sort with the Russian officials he met?


Now I agree, Trump is much more likely to go running off at the mouth. But is it possible Obama, whether accidentally or for a good reason, never gave the Russians classified info?

I doubt it. And how about Joe Biden? He has the same porous filter between brain and mouth that Trump does. Biden would discuss the joys of the Bahamas climate with a conference of Eskimos if given the chance.

No, there are two reasons why you never heard about Obama saying things he shouldn’t in meetings with foreign leaders.

  1. The press is now very interested in breaking negative stories about the president.
  2. Someone, and probably many people, in the government don’t like the president and are willing to leak classified information to undermine him.

The only time the press figured out Obama was saying something he shouldn’t to a┬áRussian leader is when they happened to overhear it.

8 Responses to Did Obama Never Leak Anything at all to the Russians?

  1. If it would undermine or weaken the US I am pretty confident Obama would tell them anything. And embellish it no doubt with oceans and walking on water etc. Unless it would reflect badly on him.

    The WAPO, in my opinion, is out of control and working actively with leakers to undermine this President. And there is no way of telling whether what WAPO reports is true of not.

    But Mollie Hemingway has written a useful guide to help us through the morass of WAPO and other BS about Trump.

    • Also it is my understanding that POTUS can classify or declassify information as he sees fit.

      The leaker, on the other hand, has no such authority. So, on the off chance that the leak was classified it is the leaker, by giving the information to the press, has committed a crime — perhaps espionage, treason or something lesser. But a crime nonetheless.

    • This only goes to show that the NYTimes, Washington Post, and others put out this fake news and don’t care a wit if its true or not!. They just want it out there because they think the American people are dumb and will believe it, even if its true or not. This day after day, night after night fake news is to brainwash. Not working and it won’t work, Trump became President with all this fake news, I mean, who would vote for Hillary Clinton? she faints on the street, gets thrown into her car when it happened, wears mens’ pants 24/7 with no respect for herself or the women of America with those ugly pants. Who ever would vote for Hillary Clinton has to be Anti-American, that iks all she could get and its not enough. Hear Hillary Clinton starting new organization, of course, so she can ask for money, she has to have a new org. or run for Mayor, otherwise no one will give her money anymore, which is what she lives for, licks her chops for. Truly boring with her snotty attitude toward real Americans. Just wants to take care of Muslims and Illegals, who cares about Americans? Not Hillary Clinton.

  2. Between Obama and Clinton, there wasn’t an awful lot of info to “leak”. All of our national secrets were grabbed by hackers who learned anything or everything they needed to know.
    Obama told the enemy when we were leaving, who we were sending to fight, and offered them money to fix whatever our troops broke.
    Clinton set up a device allowing anyone with any skills to enter her computer or the Weiner computer, or to just burgle the Clinton home to pick up the emails the family housekeeper printed out.

    Doesn’t matter what MrTrump said or not, the mere fact that he met with a (gasp) Russian would have been enough to create some fake news.

  3. Has it been considered that it was a two way exchange of classified information?
    And only done in regards to subject(s) discussed.
    This is no spy vs. spy bs.