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Video || SNL Does Spicer, Trump, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Here’s the latest from Melissa McCarthy, who hosted Saturday Night Live, as well as Alec Baldwin. I was going to give some comments, but I’ll let you be the judge.

7 Responses to Video || SNL Does Spicer, Trump, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders

  1. 1:46 minutes for the first, 2:10m for the second and that’s all I could watch.

    They want him gone, destroyed, smashed to smithereens so that no other outsider dares to speak with the freedom they so abuse.
    They knew that MrObama wasn’t the smartest man in the room, that he was all a front without substance, but kept quiet. No one ever bought the premise that toned arms were an indication of female beauty, but promoted that lie to make MrObama’s wife happy.
    The Trump family is scorned and ridiculed for the most benign traits, their supporters insulted as stupid and uneducated, and yet, no opposition has been brought forward who could find approval outside the coastal borders.

    What a sickening way to start a day- watching political porn.

  2. I hope Sean stays, snl and msm would pummel his replacement. All my husband and I kept saying was,”this is horrible…” time after time, watch Baldwin and McCarthy.
    Only funny part was Spicer hiding in the bushes. For about 2 seconds.

    • I can’t watch any of this but I did catch the SNL fat shaming of Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Maria Bartiromo this morning. These people are bullies, plain and simple, and they get away with it because they’re trying to bully Republicans.

    • This is not comedy. It is not even political satire. It is the weekly disrespectful shameful bashing of the Trump Administration. I wouldn’t watch it for all of Barack’s Obama’s millions.