As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – May 15, 2017

The briefing has concluded.

7 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – May 15, 2017

  1. There will be a day when MrSpicer looks out at the jackals in the audience and asks them – “Do you like being part of the WH press corps, do you want to continue sitting here asking ME questions? If you do, perhaps you might start asking important questions instead of trying to trap me or MsSanders into saying something terrible about the President or something you can take out of context.”

    • You make a great point, but it won’t happen because of the economics of the media business. Reporters know their primary task is to write stories that generate more readers, listeners and viewers (and thereby higher ad revenues). The best reporters know they can accomplish that with solid, well researched, objective, truthful stories. But too many reporters, newspaper, radio and television, resort to juvenile soap opera tactics–seeking (or creating) conflict, getting political opponents to fight each with other, suggesting evil motives to whomever they don’t like, etc. The whole routine. Just like in high school.

      It’s nothing new. We know they used the same tactics way back in the 18th century and before, and it’s the same story in media all over the world.

      Too many media types often see the world in a simplistic, binary way–good people versus bad people, corruption versus virtue, winners and losers, left versus right, men versus women, highly politicized versions of the news, etc. That approach misses all the subtleties, nuances, well roundedness and complexities of events and developments.

      We news consumers are lucky enough to have access to thousands of news sources and blogs on the internet, so if we have the time and inclination to do our own homework, we get a much deeper and wider understanding of the “news”. If you’re working or otherwise prevented from doing all the research, then you’re stuck with the corporate media’s narrow, politicized and slanted version of the “news”.

      • Baloney! Its never been this fake, the news, and never this hatred on the part of Schumer, McCain, Graham, socialists who call themselves democrats? This has got to stop, the lies, the stories, the stupidity, the hatred of our country on the part of the democrats and socialists. I fear we will have to have a war, a revolution before this anti-American moronic party and cable TV stops the fake news. When a few get killed, maybe then they’ll stop, not before. I don’t wish that to happen but the reality is the democrats/commies say and do this fake stuff BECAUSE THEY CAN AND THEY MUST BE STOPPED. This socialist party is noiw filled with low-lives who want to see Trump dead and gone. They have made a pledge with the Devil and the Devil will get them too in the end.

      • Nobody I know is reading this crap fake new now. They are tired of it, so much for the media business? To lie, spew poison, is that the media business, only now because of the Clintons, McCain, Graham, communist party here in the U.S. Soros, Schumer, ugly dog filled with lies and hatred. Even his daughter was booed off the stage because of Schumer poison. Get them Trumo, do something stop these people, drain the swamp, thats what they are afraid of. The so-called democrat party is now filled with low-class low-lives who curse our President. These democrats must have been raised by wolves.

  2. I agree with Newt. Shut it down. These are not serious people. If shutting it down is not possible then limit it once a week with a start/end time. No one gets three tries until they get the answer they want or the horse they are beating is deader than dead. One question, one answer. Next question.

    And finally when I was just driving home I heard a snippet on the news about Trump inadvertently sharing classified information and McMaster denying it. I did not stay tuned.

    I do know this. If there is so much friggin’ concern about classified information let’s start with Barry’s comment about flexibility, move on to Hillary’s private server spewing classified information and then take a look at this Huma/Weiner stuff. To say nothing of classified information in the hands of Hillary’s cleaning lady and lawyer.

    When is the Administration or the Republicans say enough is enough. Why doesn’t Jeff Sessions revisit these investigations. They are unresolved.

    • Yes, Sessions is proving himself to be weak, he won’t do anything, he recuses himself, Trump is a fool to keep Session. Get Giuliani in there, where is Giuliani these days? Pissed at Trump because he didn’t get the job he wanted? Whats going on now is the Republican’s McCain, Graham, other jerks that wouldn’t vote for him, etc., etc., they just lay back and let them spew lies and fake news at our President, they are no better tran the communist democrats? Do something, stop them, this is dumb and crazy and these enemies of the country should be taken to Court with lawsuits, treason, etc., etc. etc.