As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

4 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || May 14, 2017

  1. Happy Mothers Day to all the WHD moms out there and all other moms as well. Its a day to be thankful, to remove ourselves just briefly from the day to day, and pause to remember the incredible contribution to life that mothers give us all.

    Enjoy the day…hug a mom somewhere…

  2. Happy Mothers’ Day all!

    getting back to Trump and the phony conspiracy against him by the dem/socialists and the Clintons, John McCain and that viscious Graham guy, The Bushes, etc., this so-called investigation about Russia and Trump? To have an investigation you need some evidence to start one? and there is none? So, these terrible politicians care nothing about America and/or is citizens, they just want Trump gone and dead! By spreading these lies and stories every day and night on Cable TV, they are hoping that Trump gets killed! This democratic? party? is now filled with low-lives who curse our President? And speak ill of him all the time 24/7 so he will get killed, they don’t care if he gets killed from some nut, they are saying these things so that will happen. It is obvious and it is disgusting that our country has come to this, overrun with immigrants who are not here legally, and do not want to be American, they just want the freebees. The democratic party is now the socialist party who want to bring down America and who hate America and something has to stop this treason, a revolution maybe? This will not stop and it should not go on. Trump is the President and he should bring lawsuits for defamation of character, etc. because that is what it is. The democratic socialist party is a danger to all Americans. They use profanity to describe our President every day when he does not deserve it. He is working hard and the dems know they are over now and can’t stand it. They are a bunch of horrible people led by Schumer who is the worst person to lead a political party, evil and spreads lies and myths all the time. They are all a bunch of liars and should go to jail for being communist pigs.