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Trump Schedule || Sunday, May 14, 2017

The president is in Washington. He has no publicly scheduled events.

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to Mrs. Koffler, who generously shares her husband’s time with us, and to all WHD Moms.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  2. I concur. Happy Mothers Day !
    Off topic. Every year we have an enormous extravaganza in Europe called Eurovision Song Contest. I think it started in the fifties and it has transformed and gotten bigger and bigger every year. ABBA had their break through in this contest. We have seen every kind of music there and all kinds of nice or weird costumes. I have appreciated when the artists sing in their own languages, when they use their own traditions. But lately it is most often English and much of it has sounded the same in my ears. The low point was when Austria won with a bearded lady, a gay dressed in evening gown but with a big beard, ouch !! So yesterday I was extra happy . Portugal won. The artist was a young man with floppy hair, he had written the song with his sister and they were both on the stage. It was such a different tune, it stood out. He sang in Portuguese, a lovely language. There were violins, soft guitars and he sang in a very intense, emotional style. It was lovely, old fashioned, and it brought tears to the eyes. I think it is the Portuguese Fado style. He won big, big, big and afterwards he gave a short speech. He said that he was sick and tired of what music has become, he wanted genuine music and style back and this was his way of showing it. I wonder what the other contestants thought, he really “dissed” many of them. But I loved it. Yes, we want romance and genuine feelings back. Congratulations Salvador Sobral. I heard that he has a heart condition, he is a sick young man, but I really hope he has many singing years ahead of him. I felt that Europe was turning in a good direction yesterday……

    1. Thanks for that interesting report, swedishlady. I agree with the young man, good music is hard to find these days! May he live long, and prosper.

      1. Thanks, NoDhimmi. He actually called much of todays music “fast-food music”, immediately forgotten. Yes, may he prosper in a long good life.

      2. That’s why it’s fun to get children playing string, piano and horns/brass instruments at a young age. We have two wonderful children/teen orchestras here in Tucson. Kids learn classical and ‘marching band’ music. The older kids are truly amazing.

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