As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

17 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || May 13, 2017

  1. The POTUS likes two scoops of ice cream and DietCoke.
    Press Sec’y was either standing near a bush or hiding in the bush to evade the press.
    MrsObama is calling a return to edible school lunches as “crap” and wonders who will agree with her.
    Some fools give former PresObama $2+million to tell a group in Italy that humans eat too much meat.
    PresTrump thinks the daily press briefings are not serving the public well because of the confrontational attitudes of the MSM.

    In real news, DOJSessions has advised his peeps across the country to go after drug dealers and cartels with vigor and determination.

    • I hade a chuckle at yesterday’s press briefing.
      It was announced that for the first time in13 years that China will allow the import and sale of good ol’ American beef.
      China is going to be eating a lot more steak.
      Sorry Barry.

      • Yesterday, in good ol’ leftist Santa Fe, I was at the local Sears store (soon getting ready to shutter) and two women (friends with benefits) school teachers had on their Resist buttons. You can;t even go to the store without someone letting you know how they feel–about everything.

    • Good round up of the absurd. The ice cream just capped it. They are obsessed with Trump hate and are beyond rational.

      If they were to print the truth I probably won’t believe it, so badly have they discredited themselves.

      As for the Trump haters and the sheeples, it is difficult to believe this is America. I now call them “Cobert People”.

    • Powerful article. I’d read that Comey has been protecting the Clintons for over 20 years, as they jumped from one scandal to the next. This article explains the connections and why the elites are trying to destroy the Trump presidency. I’d bet a lot of money Trump’s been briefed on this whole sick chapter in our political history. He’s got ’em, and they know it.

  2. Adding to my first comment:
    Today, we learn that a woman columnist who should know better claimed that Comey was fired because he was “taller” than MrTrump.
    We learned that the commencement address at Trinity College was full of slams, attacks, and other adjectives, but no mention was made of the inspiring words of the POTUS.
    We’re told that hacker(s) have invaded computers around the world with ransomware and nobody knows how to stop it (until some nice guy found a program that ended the attack).
    NoKo is shooting off more weaponry to show off or something.
    The President’s upcoming foreign trip will be a “disaster”, that nothing good will come of it, and (the one I liked) he’s using it to get away from DC because it’s too “hot” there.

    I don’t know why I bother reading the MSM rants and delusions. Is there no end to this madness? They are harming our country now.
    He’s the POTUS until he isn’t, and in the meantime he is our protector, our leader and we all should be respectful.

    • Short of a severe threat or crisis where President Trump must and does defend this country, they will never give him the slightest bit of civility let alone respect.

      As for Comey being taller. Of course, this is what Mr. Two Scoops would do — fire a man for being taller than he. And this is a scoop to good to let go, so they will relentlessly push this nonsense as well.

      As for colleges. They are cesspools. Commencements are no place to denigrate the sitting President of the United States. Shame on them.

  3. Re. Colleges and the inclusion of Trinity College. My own comment about them being cesspools etc. All true, by and large.

    ButI commented a while back about the vile treatment of deVoss at Bethune Cookman and how it was good to see the college President tell them to cease and desist otherwise they could leave and receive their diplomas in the mail.

    And now there is this, commenting on the incident, and on HBCUs and the Trump Administration specifically. And we have to hope, that slowly over time, Dr. Farley’s opinion will become,if not a majority opinion then, at least a valid one, in the Black community overall.

  4. Who in their right mind would vote for a democrat? They care nothing about the U.S. or us citizens, the so-called dem party are now a bunch of low-lives who want to see our President dead by spouting lies and stories about him day and night,and all they care about is getting Trump??? There is no democratic party anymore, they are a bunch of socialist/communists? These are dumb people and that includes dumb McCain and Graham and ugly Bush,Jr. Pelosi is so dumb when she speaks, the worst and most viscious is Schumer, who only says things for his commie party, he doesn’t mean a thing that he says, these people are so awful, such traitors, they should be thrown in jail and that new leader of the dem party, the one that looks like a skeleton, whats his name like Diaz or something like that, he is the most low-class miserable character and he belongs in the dem socialist party, he’s a typical anti-American. These nuts are just out to destoy not help Americans, just help Muslims and illegal immigrants. The phony investigation about Russia? How can they be allowed an investigation without evidence. No one starts an investigation unless they have some evidence, so its just a complete phony. Cable TV like NBC, MSNBC, Channel 2, 4, 7, all this media is like the old Russia where they fixed the news. Something has to happen to these people, they have to be investigated with the Clintons. There is enough evidence to stop these people. The people have to rise up or it will never stop, that is why we have wars because of people like the phony democratic party. Enough said. Everything I have said here is true, and yet it feels unbelievable. Thats what we get for letting in too many immigrants, there are so many that they have their own little countries and that is not right, to come here is to become an American, not a traitor who wants to overthrow the government, including Schumer, Clintons, Pelosi, McCain, Graham, the Bushes, a terrible state of affairs. Anti-Trump idiots who wouldn’t know a good American if they saw one.Go Trump, stick it to Hillary Clinton and the rest of them.