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Video || Watch the Media Meltdown Over Comey’s Firing

It’s sad to see the Washington media wetting their pants, just as it would be sad to see any group of adults doing so. So I’m sorry to have to show you this.

Here are the usual group of liberals suddenly in a fit about the possible end of the Republic, when they thought all of Obama’s abuses of the system of checks and balances were just glorious.

I don’t think President Trump fired Comey because he wanted to stymie the Russia investigation. I think it was more personal. He saw a guy out there who was too much about Jim Comey, which drives Trump crazy about any subordinate.

But Trump is right, an FBI director should not be talking about all his feelings and whether he might need to run to the bathroom and throw up, and so forth. You could even see it in his farewell letter to FBI employees, which assured any of those in agony about the future of James Comey that he would be okay.

It’s just such self-indulgence that leads a policeman, which is what Comey was, to start making final decisions about whether someone should be prosecuted, which is what he did with respect to Hillary Clinton. I’m willing to bet that Trump’s nominee to replace him is a no-drama, Judge Gorsuch type, not the partisan yes man Democrats think is coming.

14 thoughts on “Video || Watch the Media Meltdown Over Comey’s Firing”

  1. Had to turn off Morning Joe this morning. Even though I only do it for oppo research anymore my mental health just cant endure another morning of witnessing such insanity and knowing that millions of Americans will take it as real “news”.

  2. But, the Russians! They were in the Oval Office! They were taking photos!
    None of us yokels in fly-over country give a hoo-ha about the Russians. We have more immediate (and real) concerns and worries.
    When the Dems/MSM finally figure out that so few people care about who heads the FBI, or that he was fired, they’ll go back to finding some other Trump nit to pick.

    1. Agree. No sane person gives credence to this story. There’s no there there. What we ARE watching is the media’s hysteria and continual propaganda campaign with this phony story. It’s snake oil. It has no traction whatsoever in the public’s attention, likely because we realize it’s political fiction. The corporate media continues to destroy what’s left of its brand.

  3. Just like crying wolf all of the time, more ppl will pay less and less attention to the fake drama these ppl try to stir up. We’re these same media types yelling from on high when Bill Clinton did the same thing? Very doubtful. The sky is always falling, no matter what the subject is. What a sick joke.

  4. Have you observed the following in how the media are covering the Trump/Russia story? Initially, it was the “ALLEGED” or “POSSIBLE” or “PURPORTED” Russian collusion in the election. But beginning this week, I’ve noticed the media are writing and saying “THE” Russian collusion in the Trump election.

    See what they are doing? They must have gotten a new guidance memo over the weekend.

      1. It’s amazing how the media regularly uses the same concepts, nouns and verbs to promote a point of view. During the course of a week, they all follow the same script. On the same day, say on a Monday, they’ll all begin using the same idea, Trump is “running scared”, e.g. They’ll pound the beans out of the meme all day long for a week and then, a few days later, they’ll all stop using that meme and simultaneously begin using another meme for a set number of days. It’s so obvious that you’d think they’d try to change the routine or change the wording of the lie they are peddling that week. But they don’t. It’s very weird when you realize what they are doing. Trained seals and all that, I suppose.

  5. For me the Cobert audience confusion says it all about the media and the left and liberals who follow it.

    Jon Stewart followed Cobert and insulted both him and the audience over their inability to think independently and they even laughed as he insulted them.

  6. #NYTimes
    NYT Headline is not true. “Today’s Headlines: Days Before Firing, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry” refuted by McCabe Today in testimony.

  7. Ha, ha, ha! After 8 brutal years of Obama breaking basically every law in the books, it’s fun watching the libs collective heads explode.

    Suck it, libs!

  8. The liberal media planned on using Comey to drag out this “Russian connection” dream to no end, but President Trump jerked the rug out from under them again. It’s apparent that they were banking hard on Comey, or else they wouldn’t be throwing this tantrum. I can’t even watch broadcast TV without having to endure this relentless fit, so I’ve put the TV in timeout.
    Go Trump !!

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