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Video || Trump Says Comey Fired Because “He Wasn’t Doing a Good Job”

Asked today why he fired former FBI Director James Comey, Trump replied, “Because he wasn’t doing a good job. Very simple.”

1 thought on “Video || Trump Says Comey Fired Because “He Wasn’t Doing a Good Job””

  1. This is a sign of the times and an example of the weird world we live in now:

    ‘Work for WikiLeaks’: Assange offers Comey job as Snowden condemns White House”

    Sure, it’s from Russia Today, Putin’s personal propaganda radio network, so who knows what the truth really is? But it’s a fun story, no? The very guy who exposed the Clinton/Podesta et al email mess, and lots more, is now offering a paying job to the person who was the FBI director at the time. Maybe Comey was in cahoots with Assange the whole time? ;+] Oh, man, this is delicious.

    Where are the great American satirists like Mark Twain, Mort Sahl, Mel Brooks, Steve Allen, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, etc. when you need them? ;+}.

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