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The Obama Scandals: The Top 22 Outrages, Including the Hillary Scandals

I’ve just published an ebook, “The Obama Scandals: The top 22 outrages of the Obama administration.”

This book includes what you need to know about the biggest Obama administration misdeeds, starting with the recently revealed “unmasking” scandal and including Hillary’s email server, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of conservatives, and much more!

Yes, all the Obama abuses of power are here in one book you can use to contradict your liberal friends and family members when they start talking about the corruption of Trump’s campaign or his administration, for which there exists no proof at all!

By purchasing this book, you will not only be helping White House Dossier, but you will possess at your fingertips the evidence that electing leftists who believe the means justifies their “noble” ends leads to egregious corruption.

I hope you will buy a copy, it’s only $4.99. If you are able to rate the book and leave a short review on Amazon, that would help enormously.

Thanks so much. You can get the book on Amazon by clicking this link or on the image below. If you don’t have Kindle, you can download the app from Amazon or the Apple App store. It’s also available on iBooks and will be soon on Barnes and Noble’s Nook. Thanks again.


27 thoughts on “The Obama Scandals: The Top 22 Outrages, Including the Hillary Scandals”

  1. The second customer comment was interesting and so untrue. It is interesting he/she did not place their name on their comment.

  2. Can you issue a soft-cover version? None of the people I would give it to are online. Which, when you think of it, speaks volumes about their Inability to be well-informed.

    1. Yes, Keith can you issue a soft-cover?
      I do not trust any of these e-readers because when an EMP goes off one will lose/have destroyed all of ones electronic books, documents etc.
      I am old school…I need & love books and paper! :-)

  3. Will read…… ” 8 years of contempt and outrage for the American people”

    Better title? Or not…….. : ))))

  4. Both of my KFs are busted. I will get it one way or another. Been thinking of getting another one, so this is a great motivator. And I will leave a review.

    Note to WHDers. I have sold on Amazon and reviews are really important. So I encourage you to buy through Keith’s link and leave a review.

    1. Dorothy, thank you. It is an ebook so the only way to purchase it is to download it. You can simply download the Kindle app onto any device or and then download the book, or you can download it off of Apple’s iBooks.

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