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Joe and Mika Call White House Spokeswoman a Liar

I wonder how may Obama spokespeople they ever did this too? Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders uses Joe Scarborough’s own words against him and neither Joe nor his fiance like it much at all. And as Huckabee offers up a dose of typical Washington spin — technically correct but overstated — Mika decides to opine, “You’re actually not telling the truth right now.”

I used to watch Morning Joe, but the two of them have just become completely insufferable with their pomposity and their clear agendas masquerading as news analysis.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

17 thoughts on “Joe and Mika Call White House Spokeswoman a Liar”

  1. I watched that entire episode this morning and was sick to my stomach. The arrogance, the hypocrisy, the outright disrespect he, Mika and the rest of that bunch gave Ms. Huckabee Sanders was disgusting.
    Overpaid hacks with outsized egos to match.
    Thank God for the Keith’s and Washington Examiners of the world.

    1. I caught some of their performance this morning as I surfed the cable news.
      One might have thought that MrTrump had fired every FBI agent , dismantled the FBI mandate, and then hired the ACME Dynamite Company to blow up the Hoover Building.
      Life in the government goes on, the FBI is still a formidable agency, and if – IF – there is some wrongdoing, it will be exposed.

  2. Nothing spells integrity like having affairs while still married. Good thing they are doing the “right thing” by marrying each other.

    And God is good. They should be beyond child bearing age.

    Kind of a toss up as to who is the creepiest though, these two or the new French President and his former school teacher wife.

    Hard to take these people seriously when they are so disrespectful and unprofessional.

  3. OT Just wanted a little bit of good news. No matter the media, the Trump Administration moves forward…A snippet from a comment elsewhere.

    Recall the illegals who were originally charged with rape in MD but had
    the charges dropped last week. Well as soon as they were released ICE
    picked them up and said they would be deported. What a difference it
    makes that O’Choom is no longer in charge.

      1. Son of Rusty Shackleford

        Hear, hear! I couldn’t believe it when I heard the charges had been dropped; that makes me feel better….a little bit better. I’d feel even better if ICE drops them out of a plane somewhere enroute to their hellhole homelands.

    1. Schadenfreude alert!

      So instead of a comparatively nice lockup in criminal-coddling Maryland, it’s back to the third world they go.

      (Voice FX=”Evil genius basso profundo”)
      (/Voice FX)

  4. The hysteria from the DC elites and the MSM is just that- insane rantings without reason.
    It doesn’t matter that the head of the FBI is removed,because the thousands of professional FBI agents are still working, still pursuing their assignments, and the work continues.

    MrComey knew he was in trouble, knew he made mistakes, so he might have been blindsided by the way or time he was dismissed, but he had to know it was coming.

  5. And as the corporate media inform us that Comey’s firing is “unprecedented”, let us remember that Billy Clinton fired FBI Director William Sessions in 1993 for the following reasons and manner, according to the Washington Post:

    “Clinton telephoned Sessions yesterday afternoon to inform him that he had been fired and then called back several minutes later to remind him that the dismissal was “effective immediately.” The president told reporters afterwards that he acted after Attorney General Janet Reno “reported to me in no uncertain terms that he {Sessions} can no longer effectively lead the bureau and law enforcement community” and that he agreed with that assessment.

    “Clinton, who said it was time to end “the turmoil now in the bureau” and “give the crime fighters the leadership they deserve,” is expected to announce today that he has selected federal Judge Louis J. Freeh of Manhattan, a 43-year-old former FBI agent and federal prosecutor, to head the agency. Clinton interviewed Freeh at the White House for two hours on Friday night, press secretary Dee Dee Myers said.”

    And the Democrats cheered at the time, they were overjoyed with Session’s firing. Hypocrites. Every one of them.

    1. I remembered this. Thanks for the full report and link.

      Odd these things are necessary when talking with an outraged Dem. Not that it means anything to them. It’s just always useful to have the facts whether confronting unhinged lunatics or informed people.

  6. I pray they are too old to breed.

    No matter what Trump does the Progs will escalate their hysteria.

    I hope the President can learn to be indifferent to the howling clowns.

    1. I hope that this ends here.

      No Special Prosecutor. No ongoing, endless investigation. None of that. A Special Prosecutor will take the entirety of the Trump first term.

      Hire one. Wait 6 months until an assistant is hired . Another 6 months to find office space and buy a stapler. 6 more months to buy the staples. You get the idea.

      Trump has been investigated. Cleared by the FBI, Clapper, the Dems like Feinstein etc. Let’s not fall into that trap.

      I am so sick to death of the Democrats demanding. Like the illegals demand. The Democrats are the minority party out of power and the illegals are criminals. What is all this demand stuff?

  7. Mika is an arrogant, obnoxious air-headed bimbo…I learned that from watching the great Imus in the Morning :-)

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