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Video || Sean Spicer’s Spiciest Moments

You have to give Sean Spicer credit. Of course, nobody does, so I guess you don’t have to. But this guy has weathered more abuse — starting with Saturday Night Live sketches in which he is portrayed as a woman — and questions about his job security than just about any senior White House official I’ve seen. Certainly more than any press secretary.

And yet, the SNL sketches are starting to go away — although Melissa McCarthy hosts Saturday — and the predictions that President Trump would soon dump him on Pennsylvania Avenue with his belongings have gone away. I’m willing to bet Trump is keeping him in part because he admires resilience.

H/T Daily Caller for the video.

5 Responses to Video || Sean Spicer’s Spiciest Moments

  1. for fun Keith go look at @sean_spicier its a parody account who is a real troll master.. liberals all day long think he is the real deal and lose their collective minds over his tweets..even liberal media and celebrities are taking his bait

  2. Courage. From the first presser, the lib MSM lackeys have sneered at him, attacked his slight misstatements, tried to force him to say things and argued with him over facts they didn’t like.
    Compared to the friendly faces the Obama spokespersons enjoyed, MrSpicer is in a constant battle as he tries to explain or educate the press on the President’s moves and intentions.

  3. Fabulous, thanks for sharing that.
    A fellow Rhode Islander proud of our guy, from Barrington, in the hot seat. He actually looks like he’s enjoying it!

  4. I admire Spicer for giving as good as he’s got and not wavering.

    When the WH Press Corpse starts treating him and the President with the respect they and the office deserve maybe change will come.

    Until then, they set the tone and Spicer responds accordingly. Good on him.

  5. Love Spicer! Had it with the Hollywood “stars”. They are brain washed morons. They just read and act what someone else tells them to say. Big deal. 100,000 ‘s of other actors ready to take there place.
    New movies are 99% garbage now. Big screen at home, Netflix,Amazon Prime,YouTube is all I need. You can watch great TV shows from all over the world.
    Phat on Hollywood