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Yates: I Warned Trump Attorney that Flynn Could be Blackmailed by Russia

From the Washington Post:

Former acting attorney general Sally Yates said Monday she warned the top lawyer in the White House that then-national security adviser Michael Flynn could be blackmailed by Russia, and gave the White House a private warning “so that they could take action.’’

Testifying about her discussions in January with Trump administration officials, Yates gave her first public accounting of a conversation with White House counsel Donald McGahn that ultimately led to Flynn’s firing.

“We began our meeting telling him that there had been press accounts of statements from the Vice President and others that, related to conduct that General Flynn had been involved in, that we knew not to be the truth,” said Yates. “The vice president was unknowingly making false statements to the American public, and General Flynn was compromised by the Russians.’’

Though Yates would not discuss classified details of the Flynn matter, other people familiar with the matter said the issues she raised to McGahn were conversations between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, in which the two discussed easing U.S. sanctions against Russia.

7 Responses to Yates: I Warned Trump Attorney that Flynn Could be Blackmailed by Russia

  1. What exactly could the “blackmail” provide the Russians that they don’t already have of our secrets. They have hacked into every American agency’s computers, have lists of millions of federal employees and all their personal info, and probably know more about our military than some biggies at the Pentagon.
    The only “hacking” of our latest election was to enter John Podesta’s personal email account and allow it to become public. There was no illegal interference with voting places or election officials, nor is there any evidence that the Russians infiltrated MrsClinton’s election team to throw monkey wrenches into her campaign activities.
    So. What is it they’re saying – that MrFlynn was going to install Russian agents near or in the WhiteHouse, or induce MrTrump to give the Russians vital information or goods?
    I don’t get it.

    • Did they hack into Podesta’s Email account? The idiot gave him the password which happen to be “password”. Their IT department said he should give it to him. What an idiot to have a gmail account anyway. On top of that, I find it interesting the DNC did not trust the FBI.

    • She’s saying Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian Blackmail because the Russians had record of the conversation about sanctions and could intimidate Flynn into doing stuff FOR the Russians in exchange for not divulging the information. But my question is, having information that the Russian Ambassador may have mentioned sanctions and Flynn probably just said something benign about it isn’t exactly ‘blackmail’ material. I mean… that information was leaked to the press by Obama’s shadow government for goodness sakes… nothing left to blackmail Flynn with.

  2. If anybody could be blackmailed it is, as indicated below, those exposed in the Podesta emails. Or the many many people exposed in emails sent from HRC’s server — an issue that is still unresolved, as unintentional as it was.

    This Russia witch hunt is vile and reminiscent of McCarthyism. It is repugnant and the media’s assist in it makes it even more so. I have never seen such an orchestrated assault on a President, not even Nixon.

    To suggest that Michael Flynn could be blackmailed is insane. And what is this pulling of Trump’s peoples’ security clearances ?

  3. Lots of slander of General Flynn by Yates and Clapper with no evidence and all the proof ‘classified’. The only people who have been proved of lying are Yates and Clapper.