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Video || Yes, There Was a Time SNL Wasn’t Quite so Partisan

We all know that Saturday Night Live, along with the entire roster of late-night talk show hosts, are not just leaning left, they’re in the tank for the Democrats and actively supporting the leftist agenda.

Here’s a video from a quainter time, oh, say, two years ago, when CNN might spread the satire around a little bit, even going after CNN. Thought you might enjoy.

5 Responses to Video || Yes, There Was a Time SNL Wasn’t Quite so Partisan

  1. Not exactly OT, but the same:
    The late night funny guys and their disgusting sexual innuendo about MrTrump and MrTrump with his daughter, Ivanka, are offensive and obscene.
    While the campus snowflakes and their progressive supporters shout “hate speech” at those who espouse conservatism, this kind of disturbing public comment is beyond the hate scale.
    Where in America is it OK to imply that the President’s daughter is in his bedroom giving him pleasure with her hands? Is this Ok in Dem living rooms, is it OK at the posh restaurants and resorts that cater to the elites and in what context is it humorous?

    • Has any American President, in the history of the United States, ever been so disrespected and maligned as President Trump has been and continues to be, on a daily basis? It’s sickening.

      • It sure is!!!!! I never much paid attention to politics before because it all just seemed to run it’s course but now so many smart knowledgeable (ha) wackos think they rule the world, sickening indeed. Makes my skin crawl…

  2. Oh, one can long for the days of the luminary comic geneous folk who paraded true comedy past our television screens on Saturday night. When one thinks of Saint Gilda of Radner for instance, one can hardly consider the current talent as talent. The survivors have gone on to better things than dancing to Lorne Michaels baton–Murray, Crystal, Akroyd, and so many others that have made their mark in the bigger world. It has been virtually years since I squandered my expensive electricity on SNL.