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Obama Slimes Trump Supporters as Racist

Okay, let’s be honest about what Barack Obama is doing here, since he won’t be. Even at an event at which he accepted the “Profiles in Courage” award, he lacks the courage to say what he truly means.

First of all, he started out his acceptance speech Sunday night at The John F. Kennedy Library in Boston with an obvious ruse.

“I am humbled by this evening and to be honored by a family that has given this country so much.”

You and I know that Barack Obama is never humbled by anything. He’s The Barack Obama, for goodness sake.

But on to far worse stuff. Obama said:

It’s worth remembering this, the times in which President Kennedy led us, because for many Americans I know that this feels like an uncertain and even perilous time. The forces of globalization and technology have upended many of our established assumptions about the economy. It provided a great opportunity and also a great inequality and uncertainty for far too many.

Okay, let’s stop. Now who does that sound like to you? These are the people who elected Trump president, of course.

Obama continues:

Our politics remains filled with division and discord, and everywhere we see the risk of falling into the refuge of tribe and clan and anger at those who don’t look like us or have the same surnames or pray the way we do. And at such moments, courage is necessary. At such moments, we need courage to stand up to hate not just in others but in ourselves.

Get it? You Trump supporters are filled with hate and racism — the latter being what he means by “tribe and clan” anger. You poor, misguided Trump voters, you need to have the courage to resist the temptation to be racist.

That’s all this shallow man is saying.

Some of the headlines about the speech have noted that Obama, such a presidential type, didn’t mention Trump. But of course, all of this is all about Trump.

Obama, during his presidency, made a cottage industry of insinuating evil motives on the part of those who merely disagree with him, while pretending he was just contrasting reason — i.e., his subjective views — with irrationality, partisanship, and hatred.

Here’s some more of it, part of his criticism of last week’s House passage of an Obamacare “repeal” bill:

I hope that current members of Congress recall that it actually doesn’t take a lot of courage to aid those who are already powerful, already comfortable, already influential. But it does require some courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirm, those who often have no access to the corridors of power. I hope they understand that courage means not simply doing what is politically expedient but doing what they believe deep in their hearts is right.

Actually, in their hearts, conservatives do, in fact, believe the are doing what is right, despite Obama’s disingenuous attempt to be helpful. What they know is that Obamacare has raised premiums on average Americans, limited options for good care, and will end up with rationing of services, because you only have so many doctors and so much taxpayer money to subsidize care.

And, while Jimmy Kimmel will be able to afford luxury care for his family from doctors who no longer take insurance, the rest of us will be stuck with higher expenses, worsening care as health providers are squeezed, disease, and death, all thanks to Obama, and Obamacare promoters like Jimmy Kimmel.

Michelle, please give him a piece of your mind! I mean, what happened to all that “When they go low, we go high” crap?

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  1. Bluster all you want Mr. Ex-President…. meanwhile, the WP published an article that shows Blacks did not come out to vote last November and Asians and Latinos voted MORE than ever. The WP piece tried to also sway opinion that us folks are still racist, but we know better.


  2. In his mind, he thought he was talking about the horrible deplorable Trump supporters, but I read it as a citation of intolerance by HIS supporters against those who think differently, worship in a certain way, and think that racial divide is a construct of the Dem elites who need to keep throwing gasoline on the dying embers of racial policies.
    The Courage award should have rightfully gone to Donald Trump who took on the Dem/Repub establishment, the MSM cartels, and the entertainment mafia to face whatever they could find to smear him.
    He knew his personal life and public life were not of the usual squeaky clean bios of professional politicians, but he was willing to put it out there, take the hits, and keep going.

    The powers-that-be still don’t get it, don’t understand what happened and why it had to be MrTrump.
    The Dems can keep throwing awards and blessings on each other, but America isn’t interested in their ideas or what they want.

    1. Words and rhetoric, the tools of the left. Action and accomplishment are the true barometer of a leader….and voters know that.


    2. Deplorable Von Ebb

      Yes! Wish he would just shut up and go away. He still thinks he is the greatest. He is! Obummer is the greatest delusional ex President ever!

  3. Any award to Barack Obama is gratuitous like the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Barack Obama’s goal in life is to elevate himself, divide and destroy the United States of America and demean American citizens.

    He is a racist and a “hater”. I am done walking on eggshells about what and who this man really is.

    1. ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ has been a Racist before he was “elected” President…Him & his ‘family’ spent how many years going to that racist and anti-American church in Chicago?

  4. Obama is using several elements of his guru, Marxist Saul Alinsky, in this acceptance speech. From the list of “Rules for Radicals”:

    8. Keep the pressure on.
    9. The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.
    10. The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.
    11. If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside.

    As we know, Barry is very familiar with “Rules for Radicals”. That’s what he taught (and that’s ALL he taught) to first year law students at U of Chicago. He used the Rules routinely when he was President. That’s all he knows. That’s how he thinks. Same for Hillary who wrote her thesis about Alinsky and was offered employment by Alinsky himself.

    So Barry is still at it.

  5. Amazing to think this devious hater won a Nobel Prize. Why doesn’t he just return to Chicago to reunite with all the political parasites. Answer is there is too much money to be made elsewhere.

  6. It seems all our hopes and dreams that Barry, the Great Divider, would fade into obscurity have been smashed. He will never, ever shut the hell up and go away.

  7. Most of the time I can just tune out people i Hate but this Pig makes me sick, and these people just keep believing everything he has to say ! Please Just Go Away !! You really need help !!

  8. I really believe all his people must have been Lied to by their parents / teachers / nuns / friend and that has to be the reason they put so much trust in Mr. Obs !

    1. Likely, if you were a high school or college student during the reign of Obama, and you voiced an opinion that questioned Barry’s behavior, background, decisions or any other aspect of his Presidency, you would have been ostracized, mocked or harassed by the teacher or other classmates. I am told this was the case by several family members who were (and are still) students. From what I gather, it’s still the case re: criticizing Obama.

  9. The biggest winner here is the MSFNM (Main Stream Fake New Media), who can now turn away from licking their wounds inflicted by Donald Trump and return to licking the familiar butt of the uppity clown in black face.

  10. Obama, evil he will never stop, he looks like and is the Devil. The Devil with a dumb twist. He hated and fired Flynn for not agreeing with him, but he never took Flynn’s security clearance away? Dumb twist. Dumb twist because Obama probably only fired him for not agreeing with him, never did Obama think to take Flynn’s security clearance away. There you have it Obama fired Flynn only because he didn’t agree with him, not because Obama cared about the security of the United States of America. If he did care about America, he would have taken the clearance away from him. And they are investigating Trump? All the democratic socialist party should be investigated FOR TREASON they are committing every day against America and our people.

    1. I’m in moderation. Now isn’t that ridiculous when I am reading the column and the comments about it which are equal to or worse than mine? Moderation, its a joke here.

      1. Anyway, why shouldn’t we all be racists? No wonder more people are that now with all the insults and murders of white police because they are white, its a two way street, race, but only one way in their minds. Ge an education and pay for it yourself, you don’t deserve anything after murdering so many police officers because of their color. Do they expect love when they are cold blooded murderers and haters of another race?

  11. To truly understand Barack Hussein Obama please consider the following:

    In the 60s there was more to the social unrest than “hell no we won’t go”, sex, drugs and rock n roll. At the hard core, there were the Weather Underground, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Socialist Workers Party, Youth International Party, Black Panthers, and the Communist Party USA. Leading the subversion was Saul Alinsky, an extremely influential Socialist/Communist who authored the widely-read book published in 1971 “Rules for Radicals. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, Mr. Alinsky traveled across the US teaching doctrine such as “a Lie told Loud and Often enough becomes Truth.” He also strongly emphasized that you never debate, compromise or agree-to-disagree with an opponent; you use any means necessary to personally destroy him or her. “Ridicule is man’s most potent Weapon.” “Young minds are our Nuclear Arsenal.” And very important, “Divide and Conquer and Victims Make the Best, Most Inspired Voters.” It became a full-fledged, extremely well planned and financed Revolution where votes replaced bullets!
    Mr. Alinsky often quoted Lenin saying “There always will be an abundance of “useful idiots” to carry the torch.” 
    The Democratic Party today is full of “useful idiots”; and make no mistake, Barack Obama with his friend George Soros is still leading the Revolution! 

    1. In the 60’s we had love, peace, beatniks, hippies, and the theme was that all of us love each other and in the 60’s most of us felt the love for others. Now its kill whites, and too many whites?, thats all you hear.

      1. All we have now is nasty ugly hater Chuck Schumer saying such shocking things, just a phoney who is so jealous of Trump he can’t see straight, along with baby killer Nancy Pelosi and that freaking maniac woman, you know who I mean, I won’t even utter her name, but she campaigned with Hillary Clinton, two ugly female liars and screwballs.

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