As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

15 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || May 7, 2017

  1. This morning I am watching French TV from Paris. There is low voter turnout. They have not projected a winner yet. When you open the link it will start with a commercial in French. Don’t panic. When the commercial is finished the news in English will start.

    • The French. They will take their month’s vacation in August, wine and dine, and wait until they are totally overwhelmed by the Left and Brussels. And then they will wait until someone saves them.

      Bon Chance with that whole Allah Akbar thing.

  2. According to the big, swollen head in the Senate, they plan to “rewrite” the Obamacare bill passed by the House.
    Why, other than they can, do anything to the bill when the Dems won’t vote for anything that changes that ugly monstrosity to give MrTrump another victory.
    As costs increase, more purchasers drop out of the market leaving more people without health insurance and the whole thing circles the drain.
    The Obama administration has foisted on the public the worst thing possible and made it a mountain that can’t be climbed over, but only drilled into.

    • To repeat ad nauseam. Why rewrite when they can simply repeal? Just as much work to rebuild than to have a major excavation through this pile of you know what.

      All a rewrite means to me, same old , same old. Obamacare/Rynocare here to stay. Thanks to both parties. The one that started it. And the one that will allow it to remain in perpetuity.

  3. Big victory for Monsieur Macron and big yawn from me. But he will hopefully not get an easy ride from now on.Oh no. And soon they have the parliamentary election as well.
    Who is this man ? Only 39 years old. He had a rapid career. First, the usual French elite-schools, then a couple of years at Rotschildt banks, then job at some Department, then Minister of Finance in Leftist government, then, when winds turn, he starts a new political movement and wins the election.Just like that. It is so obvious that he is a new puppet with the usual suspects behind him. Just like Obama. Well, now Frau Merkel will take this boy by the hand and tell him what to do.They, and their handlers, will work hard to change the opinions about the EU and the Euro. These things are not allowed to topple and fall. At any price.

    • Certainly he is a puppet. It’s obvious he was sponsored, financed and pushed by the Brexit crowd. He has “globalist” written all over him. And, for sure, when Merkel says “JUMP!”, his only response will be, “How high would you like me to jump so that I can properly obey and please you?”

    • Seems to respond well to taking instruction from older women. Sorry but that whole thing with his wife, creeps me out. He was what — like 16 and she was 36 or so. I don’t have anything against age differences — but that’s just a little much. For sure he got the middle age+ female vote.

      A puppet. Le Pen was right France will be run by a woman, with her or Merkel. Merkel won.

      • Good point there, Grace.Yes, it is an unusual age difference but they have hold on to each other for very long. And this is France….. I don´t know much about Macron. He is just so un-interesting and boring. Yawn. A little career guy. A little bit Tony Blair, with that fake grin ? Any gay-vibes ?

    • You previously said you hoped he’d win cuz too much change too fast will hurt things?
      Me and my tiny understanding kinda hoped the right leaning candidate won.
      But France is generally just feked up beyond hope…

      • Zephyr, I meant that a LePen win today would mean too much turmoil in Europe. But I do not like or trust this man at all. However, I had hoped he would win with a very small margin so he would be crippled in his political life. This didn´t happen, I am waiting for the analyzis of the voters. Many French seem to be still fooled about this EU/Euro thing. Their agricultural sector gets huge amounts of EU-money. They are sedated by EU-money but they lose their democracy. LePen will be back I am sure, she still made big gains in the election. She can take her time to consolidate her party, gain even more respect and trust. And, sorry to say, those Islamists will continue their evil deeds and that will hurt Macron and benefit LePen.