As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

9 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || May 6, 2017

  1. OT. I hope not to offend anyone. I defend anyone who has been legitimately abused in any way — man, woman or child. Innocent animals.

    But what has been going on at Fox just smells to me. Here is a fair one of the more sane opinion pieces I have read. Ken LaCorte was fired by Bill Shine and writes this in his defense.

    And Mr. LaCorte is the first I have seen who has identified this ugly trend of sexual accusations (not just at Fox) as “sexual McCarthyism”, for which I am sure he will be mightily attacked.

    Anyway, if you are so inclined give this a read.

  2. We all remember Mooch and her “arms” and her boob belts, and drapery outfits. Not to mention that first fashion faux pas when she deplaned that first summer in shorts, dirty sandals, a tee and some shirt — with her own hair.

    But I do not think even Michelle Obama reached the heights of Caroline Kennedy, the Ambassador to
    Japan who appears not to have arms at all. And is wearing not only the drapes, but the lampshades as well.

    She is standing with her grandson, the next member of the Kennedy Royal family destined for his rightful political office.