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Kim Jong-Un Says Trump is Trying to Assassinate Him

7 thoughts on “Kim Jong-Un Says Trump is Trying to Assassinate Him”

  1. Ever since Kim inherited office he’s swollen from chubby to chunky and now just plain fat.
    This in a nation of starving people.
    Look at the jowls on him.

  2. Just keep the daily UPS delivery of Drakes Cakes coming….. that should do the trick


    ps… love yodels the most

  3. The NoKo leader is using the same tactics as countless other communists did to keep their people frightened of the US.
    It’s the same ‘they’re coming to kill us, nuke us into oblivion’ that works for a while, but never happens.
    It’s time for OUR leaders to make public announcements that we don’t want anything to do with NoKo, don’t have any argument with it’s people and have no intention of taking over a country still wallowing in the 1930’s lifestyle.
    Really, why in the world would anyone assume the US would want anything inside NoKo, or want to be responsible for feeding and caring for millions of abused people who think the worst of us?

    Killing their leader will only reinforce the propaganda that he spews.

  4. Hmm, this comes shortly after Trump it indicated it would be an “honor” to meet with him.

    The NORK nuclear development needs to be eliminated as a threat. And sadly, I don’t think there is much that can be done for the people. They have been Stockholm Syndroned for years. No fault of their own, but they are true believers. They have no knowledge of the outside.

    This rhetoric may not work on the world, but it works with his people.

  5. It won’t be Trump. It will be the Chinese who no doubt already have agents, Chinese and NK, inside NK waiting for the “GO” signal from the General Secretary of the Communist party in China, a chap by the name of Xi Jinping. ;+}. Fat Boy’s days are numbered. The only question now is who will replace him and will he be worse than what we have now.

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