As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump, Republicans Appear at the White House

The event has concluded. Here is the video.

6 Responses to Live Stream || Trump, Republicans Appear at the White House

  1. I watched it and it was a positive thing to see. I liked that Trump allowed other people to step up and take some credit of the break-through. They all looked very pleased and happy. Well,well, seems like Trump can make people work together and get things done. Obama always wanted a solo-show, it was me, me, me all the time. I am glad that he gets this slap in the face. And, oh dear, he is having the impudence to endorsing Macron…..

    • Good to see you. Was wondering how you were.

      Trump is gracious here. I still wanted Repeal but will take what we can get.

      We’ll see what happens when it goes to Senate. Amazing. A majority and we have to be concerned whether the Republicans can play nice long enough to get something done. A majority.

      Smug Paul Ryan in the background. He slithers.

      • Good morning, Grace. Yes, that smug Ryan, those shifty eyes,there is someone whispering in corners…
        That majority leader though, never seen him before. Looks like a movie star.

        • Considering I think all the GOPe are scheming Rynobots, it prevents me from seeing their good looks. Who are you talking about — perhaps Kevin McCarthy?

          I am going to hold Trump and this Party to repealing Obamacare, even if it takes 3 steps or so. I expect that will not happen. It will morph into Trumpcare (Pelosi uses this term now) and it will be an American “right” to healthcare. The government, not the individual or private insurance companies, will be bound to provide it.

          Education, Health, Communication and Food Supply.

          LePen is not exactly to my liking but it would be great if she won. No harm, no foul. Governments in France have a short life span.

          • Grace, yes, I believe it is McCarthy. But then, thinking about it again , bleached teeth and everything, maybe not…I prefer “unfixed” people, natural men.
            And of course, I really can´t stand them if they are Ryanobots.
            Right now, the French election is the big, big thing over here.Well, most people believe that Macron will win, “they” will see to that, but Le Pen will continue to influence politics.