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Feinstein: No Evidence of Collusion Between Trump Campaign and Russia

Okay, how many months into this are we? How much screaming, shouting, handwringing, dyspepsia, and psychiatric care have people had and done over this issue? How many pundits have lectured us over the gravity of this situation?

And still nothing. Nada. Zippo.

Democrats, you lost the election. Go figure out a new plan and stop trying to pretend that the Cossacks swept in and stole this from you.

19 Responses to Feinstein: No Evidence of Collusion Between Trump Campaign and Russia

      • Yeah, Bat to Bat. :)

        Although I heard a snippet of this with her and I think Wolfie the Blitz, and
        he kept pushing and yet said nothing “yet”. So, there is nothing and they will dig deep into the Democrat bog to see if they can manufacture something plausible.

        You know how Dems like Elijah Cummings always claims Rep. investigations and hearing are “too expensive”, “too time consuming” — well, this is that.

        • Maxine Waters and Elijah Cummings…perhaps the two most Ignorant & Racist members of this cesspool called the Congress.

  1. No means no. It does not mean maybe, possibly, potentially or partially….

    But the dye is set with the Left. They will continue to believe the storyline, just like Benghazi was due to a video clip….


  2. A couple of quiet Emily Latella “Never mind” sketches won’t do it.

    Not after Cankles has spent five months doing a modified Church Lady act: “Could it be…PUTIN?!”

  3. I’ve always found it funny the people who openly cheered for the Soviet Union during the entire Cold War …. now suddenly have the vapors over supposed Russian involvement in our elections.

    • Have any of today’s “Democrats” ever read a History book…?
      -The Democrat party SUPPORTED SLAVERY (19th Century AD)
      -The Democrat party SUPPORTED SOCIALISTS-COMMUNISTS (20th Century AD)

  4. Cossacks aren’t Russian. They’re generally considered Ukrainian, and originated in areas around Ukraine/Romania/Moldova/etc.

  5. I thought you needed evidence to have an investigation? So, it is obvious that it was and is fake news like the President said? These democrat/socialists/communists are so desperate tbey lie day night in their trash talk about PresidentTrump. They decided that since Hillary Clinton was investigation, they were going to show everyone that Trump was under investigation and so, they invented a phoney investigation that NO ONE BELIEVES, including the democrats. This “investigation” proved that there was no evidence and athat it was a false story created by socialist pigs. And for a while, the media, of course, being part of the Clinton conspiracy talked only of the “investigatio” OF tRUMP TO GET THE HEAT OFF CLINTON;s investigation. But it didn’t work and it will not work because the whole thing is a fraud and everyonbe knows it, thats why Trump won!!! One of the reasons was that they didn’t believe Clinton and Co. and well they shouldn’t, because Hillary Clinton is a liar and a cheat and obsessed with money and constantly is asking people for money, she never has enough and she wants people to pay for her phony “resistance”. Granted she might get people together for her “resistance” but they will be only a small majority compare4 to millions of Americans who voted for Trump and are so relieved he is President instead of her. Can you blame us? She is nothing but an elitist arrogant liar! You can’t believe a word she says and besides that, she is so boring with nothinbg, nothing to offer the American people just hatred of the real Americans. These socialists only want the imigrant here for their votes which they will force them to vote Democratric, excuse me, communist/socialist. Hope this will not happen. They are the enemy within, hate Americans and white people, for what reason, I do not know. Just for the power is the only thing I can fathom. Let ’em get freaking lost. They are the enemy within as I said.