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Huma Abedin Regularly Forwarded Classified Email to Anthony Weiner

That’s okay, because he’s a very responsible individual.

Somehow she’s not in trouble because Comey couldn’t prove “intent.” Which, gosh, is exactly the same thing I told the officer last time I was pulled over for speeding. He was a tougher audience.

I mean, how could she possibly have known that forwarding classified emails to her husband, who had no security clearance except on Twitter, might be an issue?

From the Washington Examiner:

Huma Abedin, a long-time top aide to Hillary Clinton, regularly forwarded classified emails to her husband, Anthony Weiner, FBI Director James Comey testified Wednesday.

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., asked Comey how classified information got on Weiner’s computer, something the FBI learned last October.

“His then-spouse, Huma Abedin, appears to have had a regular practice of forwarding emails to him for him, I think, to print out for her so she could then deliver them to the Secretary of State [Clinton],” Comey replied.

24 thoughts on “Huma Abedin Regularly Forwarded Classified Email to Anthony Weiner”

  1. Bull Cookies! She forwarded everything to Carlos to print out so that she would have “evidence” or a bargaining chip just in case, uh, just in case.
    She knows, she knew of the sneaky money transfers from foreign actors to the Clinton Foundation and MrsClinton’s role in offering something in return were not exactly legal.
    She knows that it could all fall apart at some point and she wanted cover for herself.
    The explanation that she wanted Carlos to print out the information is ridiculous and silly – this isn’t a mom&pop operation- this is the US State Department and we can be sure they have a legion of people who are qualified to print out these messages.

    They’re all lying again. Again. And Again.

  2. Oh, he was her admin assistant, simply printing data that was deemed CLASSIFIED.

    Uh, what kind of printer…. uh, you left printed pages on the what, kitchen table?

    Uh, your hubby, not a man to be shy about matters, never read any of it or shared any of the contents…?

    That’s right, he was never good at “sharing..”


    1. Good points.
      I just had a thought- MrsClinton also sent classified material to her home computer and had her ‘housekeeper’ print out the info for her.

  3. How does President Trump think “it’s better for the country” by not appointing a special prosecutor to nail these people with Hillary Clinton at the top of the list?

  4. Silly me, I was under the impression that it was the prosecutors job to show or prove intent. Investigators, like the FBI, provide the evidence aka ‘the facts’. Am I missing something?

    1. And when it comes to National Security law, especially if they had the balls the charge Hilary etc. under the Espionage Act of 1917, prosecutors would not have to worry about proving “intent”, they would just have to prove Hilary etc. mishandled ‘classified/national security info’.

      1. “Mishandled”
        At least.
        My experience in the Army.
        When we took a file, jacket or tech manual that was classified from a secured file cabinet, we had to sign a log
        File number, name,rank, time out, time returned.
        So me and a buck sergeant are reading our respective material when the sergeant leaves his desk and walks across the room to get a cup of coffee.
        Your a vet, you know what happened.
        OD walks in, sees the jacket open and unattended. Walks over to the clipboard, and looks at who signed for it.
        Suspended bust, confined to post, 1 month. I don’t remember if sarge had to forfeit any pay.
        1968 was along time ago.

        1. I had a “secret” clearance in the US Navy. I knew those rules too as a Yeoman/office clerk who had to
          carry documents from my Capt. & officers to ‘secure/restricted’ areas on the ship (Combat, Radio, Crypto) and even messenger-escort documents from my ship to shore offices in port.

  5. “Intent”? In a coma Comey seems to be unclear on the concept of the laws he is supposed to enforce. Newsflash: you arrest the lawbreakers and let a judge and a jury of their peers establish intent.
    P.S. this includes Hillary.

  6. Comey should be fired, for many reasons. And this insane use of “intent”, especially when it comes to classified information, is high on the list.

    If “intent” is the bar, then Flynn did not intend to lie to Pence. He also did not intend, ever, to speak to a Russian. It’s just a situation he found himself in.

    And if Trump ever gets in trouble….I’ll betcha’ this “intent” thing . Never heard of it.

    Comey should not be playing politics. He is. Find someone more ethical to run the FBI.

  7. How any of these ppl aren’t in jail is beyond all norms. Where’s the outrage and even a tear by old Chuck? Oh that’s right, it never applies to anyone on the left. I do miss Carlos Danger trolling underage girls on the Internet.

    1. The traffic stop is a good example. I was once stopped for speeding and got a ticket. In court the judge lectured me on intent. His point was that even though I didn’t intend on speeding and was using cruise control that was faulty, speeding is against the law and thus, I broke the law whether I intended to or not.

    2. Who’s to say he’s not still. That sort of behavior doesn’t stop overnight. And if not that, then some other deviant activity.

  8. When I really stop and think about how careless HRC was with classified information … Carlos, her maid, her lawyer, her kid, the whole server thing out into the world …it’s pretty amazing.

    And even more amazing that Comey resorted to “intent” with her.

    1. Re Hillary’s intent: the tragic irony is that a serious and competent FBI investigation into her behavior in the server issue could easily demonstrate Hillary’s “intent” in this matter. She did what she did for a very specific intent: she wanted to hide her deceptive behavior. A first year law student could prove that in mock court.

      It’s obvious to everyone that Comey is protecting Hillary, covering for her, playing the White Knight for her. It’s very peculiar, and it’s happening right there in front of the entire nation.

      The real question then, as it always is: why? What’s at stake here for Comey? What is the real and true background on this story which causes Comey to expose himself as awkwardly compromised and mysteriously involved in a coverup? Is he being blackmailed? Who are the players in the larger network of participants in the “Let’s Protect Hillary” game being played, even at this late date?

      Every time Comey testifies on the Hillary server issue, he digs a deeper hole to climb out of. There is something much, much bigger than “Hillary’s server” going on here, and it has something to do with backroom connections, supporters, those who stand to benefit from the Clinton’s corrupt behavior, the Clinton Foundation secretive financial cobwebs and probably much more.

      1. These senate hearings are going nowhere.
        It’s all for show.

        I think it’s time for Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to go after Comey.
        If his butt is on the line, maybe we’ll get the truth about Hillary.

      2. Yes, I heard that Comey takes the fall for his employees — is there some kind of collusion between the “tell me the redacted name” Dems and FBI employees giving out classified info to them? I hope that no one accepts Comey’s twisting and turning and acting all upset as being the full and honest truth. Something really big is going on here and it involves the rest of Obama’s administration as well as Clinton, imo.

  9. I haven’t seen any of the hearings….but if I was there (as a Senator) I would ask Comey just one question. That is….If I had done any of what Clinton/Abedin did (send classified information to those not cleared to receive it) in my former career as a Foreign Service Officer…..would he have cleared me of responsibility for mishandling classified information since I “didn’t have the intent”?

    1. Oh, actually my follow up question would be…..Why wasn’t our former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, held to at least the same standard as former Marine Jason Bezler?

    2. “.would he have cleared me of responsibility for mishandling classified information since I “didn’t have the intent”?”

      Well, it would have depended on whether you were a Democrat or Republican. The Obama/Comey Rule was: D’s go free no matter what, and R’s are immediately guilty before any evidence is analyzed. We hope that change is in the air.

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