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Jared Kushner is in Business With George Soros

George Soros, who has funded numerous left wing causes and worked tirelessly to derail the conservative agenda, has a stake in a company owned by senior White House advisor Jared Kushner.

Also investing with Kushner, the husband of Ivanka Trump, are Goldman Sachs, Peter Thiel and a Chinese entrepreneur who co-founded Alibaba, David Yu.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

The previously undisclosed business relationships with titans of the financial and technology worlds are through a real-estate tech startup called Cadre that Mr. Kushner co-founded and currently partly owns.

Goldman and Messrs. Soros and Thiel, as well as other billionaires’ firms, also have stakes in the company, which is based in a Manhattan building owned by the Kushner family’s company, according to people close to Cadre . . .

In his disclosure form filed earlier this year, Mr. Kushner didn’t identify Cadre as among his hundreds of assets . . .

To get off the ground, Cadre turned to a Goldman Sachs fund and a number of high-profile investors. Among them were the venture-capital firms of Mr. Thiel, Silicon Valley’s most prominent supporter of the GOP president, and Vinod Khosla, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems Inc., according to Cadre’s website . . .

Cadre also secured a $250 million line of credit from the family office of Mr. Soros, a top Democratic donor who Mr. Trump criticized during his presidential campaign, the people close to the company said. Mr. Soros’s family office is also an investor in Cadre.

This will be good neither for President Trump nor Mr. Kushner. Among conservatives, Soros is the Devil. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement.

20 Responses to Jared Kushner is in Business With George Soros

  1. Gee, I wonder how many millions have investments in a company that Soros also has an investment in. Its a nothing burger. Good grief!

    • ditto

      Would like to hear more press on the do as little as possible Congress. Those who said they were going to make changes when they had the majority and all they do is talk and make excuses. President trump has the authority to only do so much. Am tired of hearing about the “promises” he broke.
      It was not well received when O acted like a dictator and the press covered it up — much as they are still doing, but heaven help President Trump who is actually working at it.

      • I agree. Actually the failure to disclose makes it a something burger with cheese. And with Jared’s Democrat and liberal sympathies, perhaps fries.

        I am no fan of the Ivanka/Jared set. If Flynn can be fired for lying to Pence, then Jared can be let go.

        And OT, that Budget fiasco. Not a win, no matter how you spin it.

  2. Makes you wonder why he left it off his financial disclosure form. I’m sure it was just an “oversight”.
    Just like Bill and Loretta met on a Phoenix tarmac to talk golf and grandkids.
    I did not vote for Ivanka and Jared democrats to be setting government policy.

  3. “..from the family office of MrSoros…” and what does that mean, exactly?
    The implication that MrKushner is in cahoots with the Soros’ anti-government activities because his “family office” has invested in a company partly owned by the “Kushner family” is just garbage and another hit piece against MrTrump.
    This isn’t journalism, this isn’t actionable information, this is just another slam against the Trump family by a sore loser cabal of MSM types who refuse to accept that someone they didn’t support or don’t like is the POTUS.

    • I respectfully disagree. But I also admit my bias upfront. I don’t care whether it’s Trump, Obama or Humpty Dumpty I just don’t like the idea of moving unvetted family into the Oval Office whereby they set policy for the rest of America.
      Ivanka and Jared are the polar opposite of the base that elected Trump and from what I’ve seen so far, are the very ones stopping Daddy from doing what he was sent there to do.
      We’ve had 20 trillion dollars of “moderation”, if we don’t fight now, there will be nothing left worth fighting for. Jared and Ivanka are fighting for image and respectability within their own crowd, while the Trump voters are fighting for the country and its future.
      IMHO of course. :)

      • Completely agree. We’ve been watching this Ivanka/Jared story grow and create deep (and worthwhile) suspicions on the impact they have on President Trump. We don’t like it. They add nothing constructive or remotely positive to any of the reasons we voted for or are trying to support Trump.

        These two are, in fact, Trump’s Achilles Heel and they will cause him and, indeed, the country, enormous problems in the future.

        The Presidency is not just another family business. Will President Trump support his daughter’s and son-in-law’s agenda, or will he man up and say, “You two have to separate yourselves from my Presidency.”? I fear he will not make the correct decision on that issue.