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Ivanka Trump’s New Role Model: Eleanor Roosevelt

Hmm, okay. But I hope Ivanka understands that as she positions herself as a crusader for women, the Left will never, ever accept her in this role, because of her father.

She’ll need her dad’s steel, because she is in for unrelenting, scorching vituperation from armies of nasty, angry people. What she got in Germany was nothing compared to what’s coming.

The right will tolerate, albeit unhappily, her social moderation because of who she is and because, contrary to rumor, conservatives are just much more tolerant than liberals. But if she thinks she can reason with the left or mitigate their hatred and awful behavior, which will be stoked by the media, she’s in for a rude awakening.

From an article about Ivanka in the New York Times:

In the two interviews last week, Ms. Trump talked about unleashing the economic potential of women — some of her phrases sounding uncannily like those of Hillary Clinton — and effused about finding a new role model in Eleanor Roosevelt, whose autobiography she is reading. Ms. Trump is reaching out to influential women like Ginni Rometty, chief executive of IBM, and Mary T. Barra, the C.E.O. of General Motors, and studying up on child care policy. She waved away questions about her motivations for embracing feminist themes.

“Suddenly, after my father declared his candidacy, it became that all the things that I was doing that I was praised for, the same people, the critics, viewed them through this different lens,” she said. “Somehow, all the same things they applauded me for as a millennial, as a female entrepreneur, were now viewed very cynically as opportunistic.”

11 Responses to Ivanka Trump’s New Role Model: Eleanor Roosevelt

  1. Oh, goody. Another multimillionaire wife and mother who will tell non-multimillionaire women how to find a good place to put their children as they trudge off to their OTHER workplace.
    PresidentTrump’s daughter must find her life to be extra hectic every morning as she tidies up her multimillion dollar home, prepares breakfast for her three children and husband, then readies the children to be taken to the nearest child care facility, all the while writing a mental shopping list for groceries for the family.
    Really? A woman born into privilege and still lives there has no concept of the strains that working outside the home puts on young women with children to care for. Instead of looking for ways to improve the dual working role of other women not born so lucky, she should apply herself to other concerns that she understands – like choosing a proper nanny, how to manage a household staff, and custom vs off-the-rack wardrobes choices.

    As much as I am grateful to MrTrump and how pleased I am that he is our POTUS, his daughter is falling into that trap – the one where yokels in fly-over country resent with all their being when wealthy, connected people try to tell them how to live their lives.

    My advice to MsIvanka: stay out of the spotlight, help your step-mother arrange State dinners or flower arrangements for the White House, and keep your opinions to yourself.

  2. You know I respect you Keith, but this is one member of the “right” who is becoming more disappointed with each passing day.
    I voted for Trump, not his daughter, not her husband. If she want’s to shape American public policy than she needs to declare and run for office.

    • I am disappointed in Trump’s left leaning propensities as well. Also his unwillingness or inability to fight the Republican opposition.

      He has access to the best legal minds, he should use them to see how he can get the promises carried out, legally and constitutionally. Especially in the face of a truly backstabbing Republican Party and a liberal Justice system throughout the country.

      Alot of these judicial rulings can be overturned or dismissed.

      Trump, for some reason, refuses to fight the the internal enemies.

  3. I did use the WH comment line to express my thoughts on the $1 trillion for everything except what the President wanted. Suggested he take a look at the Republican and deep state opposition — a serious look.

    And I commented on the role of Ivanka and Jared/Jahred? Noting,that in the case of the Kennedy brothers it was not a big problem since they came from the same base and were in agreement, in the end, about policy. This is not the case with Ivanka or Jahred.

    But like the GOP the President is free to do as he chooses,

    • Grace, I was in total agreement with you on the budget deal until I saw Mick Mulvaney at the Press Briefing. He may be the best spin master ever or I just might be gullible, but I came away with a little optimism. Yes, it didn’t fund any new wall, but it is replacing existing border cyclone fencing with a real wall, for example. It gives $21B to defense without having to spend the same on social,programs like under Obama. Maybe I’m just grasping at straws that Trump can make a difference and we’re not back to same old, same old.

  4. Many impregnated women assume the rearing of children is best left to the experts of socialization thanks to the 20th century’s take down of ‘societally constructed roles’ in favor of the ‘morally superior’ belief in equality! What’s even worse is the she-men who require their materinalized wives to be employed elsewhere- especially those he-women who earn the big bucks so that stay-at-home daddy can change diapers & fix dindin!