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Trump: “I Legitimized President Obama’s Red Line”

Yes, he did.

While Barack Obama agonized like a small, sensitive child over what he should do once Syria in 2013 had crossed his “red line” and used chemical weapons, President Trump thought for what seemed like three minutes about enforcing the principle that nobody uses WMD and then sent a barrage of missiles Syria’s way. Message delivered.

Obama, instead of punishing Syria, invited the Russians back into the Middle East to “help out,” an incomprehensible decision that continues to haunt us to this day.

From a new interview with Trump by the Washington Examiner’s Salena Zito in which Trump talked about the decision to hit Syria:

It was, he admits, his toughest decision so far.

“I legitimized President Obama’s red line in the sand,” he says. “Which we had to do. I mean, somebody had to do it.”

Nevertheless, it was, he says, an incredibly difficult moment: “First of all, it is a hard decision. You don’t know what is going to happen,” once the missiles are fired. “Is one of them going to go haywire and end up in a city or in a town and kill a lot of people?

“But it was an important decision. Not an easy decision to make. Because you know, when you say ‘yes,’ there is death.

“And death is very tough. Very tough. There is a lot of weight on this kind of decision.”

In the interview, Trump noted that he was coming face to face with the gravity and difficulty of the new office he holds:

“You can make a mistake in deals, and you work it out,” he explains at one point. “You make a mistake here, there is nothing to work out. You know it’s trouble. It could be big trouble. And it is life-threatening trouble for lots of people, potentially . . .

“It’s a very intensive process,” he says of the presidency. “Really intense. I get up to bed late and I get up early.” He rarely sleeps more than four hours, which is good, he explains, because he can call leaders around the world in the dark hours while the rest of Washington sleeps.

Trump, of course, has always famously slept very little. Obama, Michelle Obama once noted, is a champion at sleeping in.

10 Responses to Trump: “I Legitimized President Obama’s Red Line”

  1. Where is baby boy Obummer hiding today? Has the wookie reverted to being a man?

    Just their stench is all that is left now.

  2. Trump is learning, as all Presidents must, the importance and responsibilities of his position.

    In time I hope he reassess his required cooperation with Congress to get some things done, and begins to see the Ryan Republicans for what they are — the entrenched Opposition committed only to themselves and the retention of power.

  3. I can’t understand what people find so completely reprehensible about DJT. He seems like a reasonable man to me. Yes, he has an ego, and some odd social habits, but seriously, if people react that badly to Trump’s relatively minor quirks, their personal lives must be absolute hell. Maybe worse is the hell it must be for others near them. It makes me sad that people are so consumed by hatred.

  4. The MSM scorned him for admitting that the job is hard, that it’s much more than he imagined, but his honesty is refreshing and reassuring.
    Of course it’s a monstrous job, of course it’s demanding, and his acknowledgement of the gravity of his decisions is evidence of a great man.