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Trump Corrals Conservatives Behind Obamacare Repeal Bill

It looks like the Republican leadership is going to put the bill on the floor this week, with all but a couple of conservatives now supporting the measure. The question is, how many moderates do they lose?

From the Washington Examiner:

All but one or two of the approximately three dozen members of the House Freedom Caucus are now on board with the revised bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, and conservatives hope this could help provide enough support to pass the measure this week.

“My understanding is all but two Freedom Caucus members are yesses,” a GOP aide told the Washington Examiner.

Republicans revised an earlier proposal to attract more conservatives, but new provisions allowing states to waive Obamacare mandates have driven away some centrist GOP lawmakers who now threaten to prevent the bill from even making it to the floor for a vote.

Various sources calculate Republicans are now about a half-dozen votes short of the 216 they need for passage, and the leadership is unlikely to call a vote if there is any risk of support collapsing on the House floor, which is more likely when margins are close.

“A lot of your yesses are yesses who don’t want to be yesses,” the aide said, adding that the GOP leadership has sent the signal that, “they think they will get there,” and will ultimately hold a vote this week.

If they are half a dozen votes short, and they can’t sell these holdouts a bridge or a highway or something, then they are incompetent. They should just put it on the floor and see if Republicans will actually go on the record voting to save Obamacare. They’ll get the votes.

5 Responses to Trump Corrals Conservatives Behind Obamacare Repeal Bill

  1. I expect nothing. And if there is something, it will be nothing good.

    After this $1 trillion deal that has the Democrats dancing in the streets, does not fund the wall or provide requested military amount but does save Planned Parenthood.

    Now that they know their August vacation is covered by tax payer provided salary and benefits why should they worry about something silly like the President’s Promises to the American people, including Republican people who are constituents of said Republicans.

    Except for maybe a handful there is not a Republican worth their weight in pesos,

    So, count me as seeing is believing from this Congress. Arrogant Aholes is what they are.

    No Republican has the guts to stand up on Obamacare. But I agree bring it to the floor. Yeah,Paulie and Mitch will get right on it.