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Sunday Open Thread || April 30, 2017



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  1. Further on WHCD. If this comment is true, then wow, just wow.

    Comedian and Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj performed at the White House Correspondents Dinner tonight, where he called White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon a Nazi and Attorney General Jeff Sessions a racist.

    They should sue the bastard…drag his ass thru court.

    • They should sue that ugly un-American, talk about mean-spirited, he’s as mean as his name sounds. He has no right to talk about our President and his administration like that. He’s a nothing, never even heard of him but he should be dragged through the Courts for his filthy dumb mouth.

    • Nicely done, the bubble article. On point, and reasonably presented.

      Interesting to consider how “facts” and other such things are use against us. Real, but manipulated , government data. The Left substituting words to change the reality and interpreting words to their liking. Free Speech for example.

      And my favorite, using the law and the Constitution to justify illegal and unconstitutional acts, a favorite of Barack Obama’s and Loretta Lynch’s in particular. Anyway, nice to see something reasonable on that bubble.

  2. BTW. You can call the WH and leave a comment. And it is easier than any Congressional office you have ever tried to contact.

    White House Comment Line Mon – Fri 9-4EST

    202 456 1111

    In addition to any “helpful” critiques, everyone likes an “atta boy” from time to time.

  3. Monopolizing the thread. Final comment.

    I thought this article on why the Democrats think they are failing is interesting, including the comments. All fairly civil.

    Interesting that they do not mention the lack of free speech on campuses and elsewhere and the violent protesters. Not surprising, but interesting.

    I suspect similar self reflection from the Republicans would be off the mark as well.

    • The Dems ruined so many things we took fro granted here and the Repubs let them do it. Now, I wonder if the Repubs were just letting the Dems/Obama have enough rope and public exposure to show the voters just how bad things could be.
      If there was a final ‘straw’ in the Dem pile-on, it was the transgender order sent to public schools.
      They looked to social issues when economic issues were grinding the middle class into pieces. Close the coal mines!, bring in all the illegal aliens!, bow to the Muslims! and attack the hard-working taxpayers as racists, sexists, homophobes – the whole deplorable basket and we didn’t like it at all.
      Their reasoning that MrsClinton was a bad campaigner,
      or a poor choice is just an excuse for the lack of acceptable Dems candidates. They still don’t have anyone who looks like a possible 2020 winner.
      The abortion issue – what nonsense to claim that pro-lifers can’t be Dems. They forget that Hispanics are mostly Catholics who find abortion to be a sin, as do Muslims, and the very people they want to attract to their party.

      • Mrs. Clinton was a weak candidate, so weak that she fainted on the street and had to be carried into her car. We need a President like that? Who are they kidding? Mrs. Clinton is the most arrogant, insulting, dumb as dirt candidate ever who ran for President. A woman who was running for President on her husband’s coattails! Because she has loads of money that she took from foreign governments, that makes Mrs. Clinton eligible to run for President? She has never done a thing for the American people, just constantly criticize the country!

        • And the Republicans have to stop running away from the dumb dems and fight back!!! We know that some Republicans like Jeb Bush, McCain and his loving buddy, etc. want Trump to fail which means they want the country to fail too! These Republican idiots are traitors the same as the democrats with their dumb hateful ideas, they are no different. You better fight back Republicans, Trump, Sessions. We could have used Giuliani instead of Sessions as attorney general. He would never have recused himself! He would be fighting every minute for the truth against the fakes in government.

      • You might appreciate this re.
        Democrats an pro lifers. On my way into Mass yesterday i walked passed a car festooned with Obama/Biden an Hillary stickers. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I can’t square being Catholic with being politically connected to a party that supports late term abortions and took God off of their platform in 2008.

  4. San Fran is organizing another Immigrant Free day May 1st. I wonder how to tabulate the entire associated costs of Visa fraud & illegal immigration? If all related extra dollars spent on Health care, food-stamps, housing, births, education, SSI, disability, bogus tax refunds, Anchor babies, additional Fed. State & City policing, Prison & Jail, Etc. the numbers would stagger us.
    The untold tragic number of US Citizens lives lost continues to climb unabated.
    There is NO immigrant “free” day!
    Besides the 1st is a Mon. & Cinco De Mayo is Fri., looks like a short week.

    • Notice they bill it as Immigrant, not Illegal immigrant.

      California is begging for more federal funds. No funds. Jerry Brown wants to make it a Sanctuary State. Ideally he should and the governmnet (Congress) would cut any federal funding.

  5. How ’bout the “F the Police” singers in RALEIGH, North Carolina? I think the police should publicly report that they will not come to that establishment, for food, and that they won’t be in any hurry at all to respond to any calls to that address. We would see pretty quickly how kind the restaurant’s own police-hating culture is to them.

  6. The democrats now say they are socialists. They want to be like Venezuela and Cuba, where the government runs the country like the old Societ Union. Democrat party is now filled with low class violent people who go around cursing our President every day. Shumer, Pelosi, Clintons, the media, all want to be like Venezuela? Starving people who eat garbage out of garbage cans because they have no food. Their government keeps all the money and the people don’t even have enough food to eat or money to buy any kind of food.