As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

24 Responses to Open Thread || Saturday, April 29, 2017

  1. Congratulations on your first 100 days President Trump.
    Yes, you’ve had your pitfalls, yes, you could tweet a bit less, but overall? Job well done.
    Now, where do we go to fire the Ryan Republicans who don’t have the spine to full repeal Obamacare and will be mucking up tax reform and infrastructure?

    • I have been reading that Jim DeMint is on the outs over at Heritage Foundation.
      Too conservative evidently.
      It appears that the GOPe have infiltrated that org. also.

      Jim would make a good Speaker IMO.
      What can we lose?

      • oops. Didn’t see your comment re. deMint.

        Very disappointed in Heritage. He would make a good Speaker. Never happen. Ryan owns that until he starts his presidential campaign.

    • Good comment Geoff. Trump has the most transparent admin in years, thanks to the media and his ability to lay it out on the table, no sugar coating, The media despises him, but America loves it. Obama did his deed cloaked in the veil that the media gave him. The contrast is welcoming, even if we do need to filter and scrub the news daily


    • Can someone explain why this administration is so gung-ho about abolishing Net Neutrality? For example, I like watching fox news. I don’t want att or comcast now telling me I have to pay more if I want certain content

    • x2 I am absolutely convinced that the largest obstacle to Trump’s success as a President now and going forward is the opposition Rynos. And it is disgusting.

      BTW, Jim deMint is out at Heritage. They feel he is muddling their precious policy arm with his messy, dirty political objectives.

    • Tweet MORE Trump — I know you won’t listen to anyone about tweeting, I hope not! Do your thing Donald Trump. Trump’s speech today in PA was so great, his speech today was just like when he was running for Pres., full of energy and intelligence and common sense. Trump spoke from his heart and mind, no one has a better mind than him in Washington! So much charisma for one person Trump has! Thoroughly enjoyed Trump speech today, full of vim and vigor and the snake poem is the best, I have heard it before and everytime Trump recites it, it gets better. It is so truthful. It seems that Trump is up against a bunch of snakes now, never telling the truth about Trump. What a bunch of idiots in the dem party. The dems are in bad shape and are a bunch of snakes.

  2. is headlining a march on DC today by some “children” who are suing PresTrump over “global warming”. The original lawsuit (filed in Oregon) named PresObama, but..well, he’s gone and there is MrTrump sitting in the Oval Office now.
    Apparently, the “children” want to curtail fossil fuels – except the ones that powered the airplanes and vehicles that brought them to DC- all for the future of the planet.
    Social Justice, too – is part of the protest march, because “children” are really worried about that.
    Geez. Will these marches/protests never end, will anyone on the left find other things to do?

    • Sadly, Progressive/Marxist, shameless lefties often abuse their children by forcing them to push their destructive agendas in public. They know that angry, “concerned”, marching kids carrying protest signs will tug at the heartstrings of television viewers. Unless the viewers know what’s really going on.

    • They should RICO all those who pay the protesters, especially those purporting violence.

      And the way the Left is churning these days, it wouldn’t surprise me to uncover a Soros Youth Squad,like the Soviet Young Pioneers.

  3. Trump not staying in the WH or weekending only at Camp David is not an issue for me. If Obama had a Mar a Lago he would be there every weekend playing golf, instead of causing delays at military courses.

    But for those who begrudge Trump even these often working weekends I saw this. I did not see the referenced interview.

    “President Donald Trump says he hasnt returned to his New York City home because going back is very expensive for the country.

    Trump tells Fox News in an interview Friday that he feels
    guilty when he returns to Trump Tower because authorities close surrounding streets and I hate to see the New Yorkers with streets closed. He says he goes to his clubs instead because they have hundreds of acres and streets stay open.

    Now that’s a mensch”

    • Also re. going home for the weekends.

      I seem to recall that Paul Ryan , very theatrically made the point that he would not (blush blush) accept the Speakership unless he could return home every weekend and spend it with his children.

      I do not know who pays his expenses, provides security if any, and if he works a hard 4 day week to afford this.

      Also Nancy Pelosi has been flying to CA almost every weekend for ages. At least the amount of time that there has been a Pelosi Era. Biden spent more time in Delaware than in DC. Like to see how many hours he actually logged at the VP Residence. Plus he charged the Secret Service Rent.

      And finally let’s add all the costs, financial and personal, for those long long holidays in Hawaii for Obama. Absent from the WH for at least two weeks at a stretch.

  4. Has Michael Moore finally stepped in it?

    Here he was, on MSDNC yesterday:

    “[O]ur only hope is that, please, Pentagon, if you’re watching, the football, the nuclear football that his aide carries around in that briefcase with the nuclear codes, I’m guessing they don’t actually have the real codes in there. They’re never going to put the real codes in there for him.”

    Chris Hayes immediately gave Moore a chance to walk his comments back; Moore doubled down, and said, “if you’re watching in Arlington, please.”

    “Arlington” is a reference to the Pentagon; it’s similar to using “Foggy Bottom” to refer to the State Department, or “Langley” to refer to the CIA.

    Mr. Moore apparently is unaware that attempting “to cause insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, or refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States” during wartime IS A CRIME.

    And a serious one, at that: it carries a maximum prison sentence of twenty years.

    • It’s not that Moore has lost the plot; it’s that he never knew the plot in the first place. A soul completely lost in time and space. Always has been.

  5. PresidentTrump walks out on the stage at the arena in Harrisburg, Pa and I’m overcome, again, that We Won! We saved our country from the ugly, mean, and destructive Dems.
    MAGA, MrTrump. We have your back.

  6. The WHCD tonight:
    Strange and awkward event that made everyone uncomfortable.
    The headliner speaker slammed everyone in the room and those not-in-the-room. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t clever, it was brutal honesty for some, and over the top slams for others.
    The event lost everything the press loved about it and it’s their own fault.
    They are paying a high price for their constant biased comments about the President, and it won’t be reckoned until they lose it all.

    • Thanks for this. I don’t know if you watched some or read about it. If you have as fair a link as possible in these days of fake news, could you link it? If not, no big deal.

      A response like the one you described above is telling.

      It’s Sunday — so have a great day doing whatever you’ll do on Sundays. Perhaps Geoff will provide us with a column reference?

      • srdem65 Don’t bother with a link. I exerted some personal responsibility and found a few, one posted in Sunday thread. I liked your reporting much better.