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Why Trump’s Visit to the NRA Matters So Much for Conservatives

President Trump Friday became the first president since Ronald Reagan to address the NRA. Neither of the two Bushes made their way over there, let alone Clinton or Obama.

This means something. It goes straight to why a lot of conservatives cast their lot with Trump. They weren’t completely sure he was a conservative, but they suspected he might be and knew he wasn’t afraid. The reason this made him a better choice than more consistent conservatives, many figured, is that those others would in the end just cave to the Washington establishment and political correctness, like most politicians do.

Trump represented a chance to elect someone who would stand strong. That he went straight to the NRA meeting his first year in office suggests that this thinking was correct.

It takes guts to endure the wrath of those who hate the NRA. Trump has steel in him. And being a conservative president — and remaining a conservative president — requires a constitution comprised of just such an alloy.

From the White House transcript of Trump’s remarks:

We have news that you’ve been waiting for for a long time: The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. (Applause.) You have a true friend and champion in the White House. No longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners. (Applause.) No longer will the government be trying to undermine your rights and your freedoms as Americans. Instead, we will work with you, by your side. We will work with the NRA to promote responsible gun ownership, to protect our wonderful hunters and their access to the very beautiful outdoors. You met my son — I can tell you, both sons, they love the outdoors. Frankly, I think they love the outdoors more than they love, by a long shot, Fifth Avenue. But that’s okay. And we want to ensure you of the sacred right of self-defense for all of our citizens.

11 Responses to Why Trump’s Visit to the NRA Matters So Much for Conservatives

  1. This is a big-ly issue with Trump supporters. Just like the anti-abortion issue, there are more of us than the anti-gun, pro-abortions people.

    We like owning our own firearms, like knowing we can defend ourselves against any threat.
    Arizona has some of the most liberal attitudes to gun ownership and it’s a good position for all of us.
    (It’s not unusual to see a real cowboy walk into a restaurant, unbuckle his gun belt and wait to be seated)
    We aren’t completely anti LEGAL abortion, just the extreme position of the abortionists.
    There is a middle ground for LEGAL abortions that most of us could support, but until the left crazies quit making this procedure their mission in life, there will be no peace.

    • Please, there have been millions of human life tossed into the garbage since the 1970’s? That is insane! Millions? Who are we to do that to human life, no limits? I know sometimes abortion should happen under some circumstances, but millions? We are supposed to be civilized country? These dems thinks its okay to abort like millions? Anyone who has a heart and a brain would kill so many babies? It is disgusting to kill so many, unbelievable, no limits? Evil is the word.

  2. Just today I had posted on another site I go to bed every night knowing my 2ND Amendment is safe. Then President Trump makes this speech. It brought tears to my eyes to hear him say this.

  3. In other news, the Democrats’ Senate fight in 2018 may have gotten tougher yet. There’s a chance they’ll lose New Jersey.

    In April 2015, Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and one of his biggest campaign contributors, Dr. Salomon Melgen, were both indicted for public corruption. Two weeks later, Melgen got indicted again, this time on sixty-seven counts of Medicare fraud.

    The public corruption and bribery case against Menendez is ongoing, with the trial set for this fall.

    But the verdict is back in the Medicare fraud trial: guilty as charged, on all 67 counts. Melgen can now either turn state’s evidence against Menendez, or get sentenced to (possibly) 335 years.

    We truly are living in interesting times.

  4. Talk is cheap : Prove It . 50 State CCW Reciprocity. The politics are beautiful .Democrat mayors and governors presiding over lawless free fire zone cities while Heartland America quietly and lawfully goes on its way.