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Trump Picks Anti-Abortion Activist for Top HHS Post

I thought you said Trump wasn’t a conservative.

Okay, maybe not you.

From the Guardian:

Donald Trump has appointed the former president of a leading anti-abortion group to the top communications role at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Charmaine Yoest, who for several years was head of Americans United for Life, will be HHS assistant secretary for public affairs. AUL played an instrumental role in the recent wave of anti-abortion laws by feeding model legislation to state lawmakers.

Under Yoest, the group pushed model bills that outlawed abortion after 20 weeks, required abortion providers to gain admitting privileges at local hospitals, and mandated counseling and waiting periods for women seeking abortions. AUL is also opposed to the use of the morning-after pill and IUDs.

5 Responses to Trump Picks Anti-Abortion Activist for Top HHS Post

    • Trump is definitely a globalist. He hates globalism, he says it all the time. Trump wants to raise our country up, not tear it down like Obama and the lefties. They are off the wall to want to destroy America and go global.Dumb as dirt and very low-class with their dirty talk about Trump. Ugh! Whoever votes for the dems has to be crazy and hates America.

  1. Just because he’s against slaughter of innocent babies, doesn’t make him a Conservative, but the reason why Conservatives, like myself, voted for him.

    I categorize Trump as an old school Democrat, just like my mom. Against abortion, but feels entitlements are important to families.

    Most modern day Democrats have evolved into progressives/liberals. In the short time of the last eight years, with the rise of Sanders and Warren, the progressives have turned into socialists. Their direction is so far left, it will eventually circle around to being far right in another decade.