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Sanders Zaps Obama for His $400,000 Wall Street Speech Gig

Sen. Bernie Sander Friday joined Sen. Elizabeth Warren in condemning Barack Obama’s decision to make his first astounding speaking payday a money grab from the financial sector he regularly pilloried as president.

“I think that he as president he represented our country with integrity and intelligence,” Sanders said during an appearance on CBS This Morning.

Well, that’s all over! At least with respect to the integrity.

“But I think at a time when people are so frustrated with the power of Wall street and the big money interests, I think it is unfortunate that President Obama is doing this.”

I think it’s fortunate. It reminds people of who Obama really is, a left-wing Chicago pol who passed himself off as a transcendent visionary who was somehow above politics, greed, vindictiveness, dishonesty, and all the other human failings you and I share.

Warren earlier this week said she was “troubled” by Obama’s decision.

“I would have hoped that the president would not have given a speech like this,” Sanders continued.

I hope he does, and I can’t wait to hear him compound his hypocrisy by putting on a show of lecturing the people who are paying him nearly half a million dollars, which he surely will.

And what are they getting for it? A few brain farts of the type we’ve been hearing for eight years.

One of the CBS This Morning liberal co-anchors, Gayle King, tried to save Obama.

“Are you saying if you were offered $400,000 to give a speech you would turn it down?” she asked Sanders, for some reason provoking uproarious laughter from fellow liberal co-host Norah O’Donnell.

“If Wall Street offered me that, yeah, I don’t want Wall Street’s money,” he said.

I think that’s true. Sanders does have some principles, even if they’re not mine. Although, with three homes, if not Wall Street’s money, he has managed to obtain someone’s money.

8 Responses to Sanders Zaps Obama for His $400,000 Wall Street Speech Gig

  1. Bernie had the opportunity to start a third-party, in some ways similar to what Trump achieved. He chickened out and backed Hillary, a huge mistake. So he’s out there now flailing and really standing for nothing.

  2. So he is zapping Obama but he took a huge payoff from Hillary to drop out of the race and purchased his 3rd house with the money?? So ethical?

  3. What is the problem with accepting money for a speech? As long as you don’t alter your values in presenting the speech and you say what you believe, how does this hurt anyone? A politician accepting money for their support is bad. A politician accepting money for their opinion? I don’t see the bad. I would also suggest that you look into what he used the money for. It is just as likely that he donated the fee as not.

    • Troy, I think it is very unlikely that Obama would donate $400,000 to anything without a lot of self-congratulatory fanfare and worship by the media.

      You saw how he and his wife worked the perks of his office to get goodies like trips and unnecessary airplane rides (when Meesh couldn’t wait a few hours to take the same airplane, for instance). They are self-interested people — performers who are willing to rake it in now that they’ve lost their 8 year gig.

  4. Here’s a chant to bolster Bernie’s courage and complete his message:

    Chant to push Bernie:

    “What do we want?”

    “Political Revolution”

    “What’s it against?”


    “When do we want it?”


  5. Hysterical! The man who owns 3 homes and the woman who earned as much for teaching one class at Harvard is scolding the former president for taking $400,000 for one speech. I would contend that they haven’t seen anything yet.