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The Obama Economy Stinks Up the Place for the Last Time

The first quarter 2017 GDP numbers are out this morning, and they are typically lousy for the president —  the previous one, Barack Obama, that is — who has had the worst record of economic growth of any since Herbert Hoover.

Yes, Herbert Hoover. With an average growth rate of around 1.5 percent, Obama stands proudly next to the last president whose term witnessed an actual economic contraction.

The first quarter is not really President Trump’s. Obama was actually president the first three weeks of it, and it is mainly his policies that have been in place and have affected the economic terrain.

And so, the Obama “recovery” continues and finally, comes to an end. The economy was nearly in recession the first quarter, growing at 0.7 percent, the worst performance in three years. So while Obama hangs out on Pacific islands drinking frozen rum runners and writing the memoirs that will make him millions, you and I can just deal with it.

Consumer spending was slow, growing at just 0.3 percent, dragging down the numbers. I saw one report that, as I’ve seen so often, blamed the weather. Sorry, it’s not the weather.

It’s this:

Barack Obama

13 thoughts on “The Obama Economy Stinks Up the Place for the Last Time”

  1. The Obamas were multi-millionaires when they entered the White House, then doubled their wealth during their residence there. Now, a publisher thinks a memoir written by MrObama detailing what we read about every day for the last 8 years will be a blockbuster, top seller worth at least $60million.
    As if that isn’t nearly enough, certain business leaders are paying MrObama hundreds of thousands of dollars for an hour or so of his time and opinions.
    Isn’t America great?
    The Clintons left the WhiteHouse “flat broke”, but are now worth hundreds of millions even though the only one to hold a job in the private sector was their daughter – who is also worth a bunch of moola.
    So, what about us yokels in fly-over country?
    We’re almost in a depression of sorts,not a recession, but an Honest to God depression.
    Closed business venues, once prosperous malls now abandoned to the weather and vandals, industries moving elsewhere out of the country still, and nothing is even being promised to the weary and poor – except by our new President. The much attacked President is trying his best to move the giant boulder that news media call Congress with only slight success.
    Us yokels aren’t asking for multi-millions, but rather jobs or opportunities to start a small business without the Feds sticking their big feet out to trip us up.
    Hopefully, MrTrump can move that boulder,even a little would make the difference between a slow economic death and a slow recovery.

    1. Where do you get your information from? “First quarter 2017 GDP numbers” being lousy for the President. The last time I checked, Donald Trump is still the President.

      1. My information comes from the copper wires I wrap around my head every morning. Aliens are telling me what to think and explaining how we must obey, must obey, must o..

        1. Oh good, I’m not the only one affected by that last alien abduction..
          They also told me how grifter barak hussien does lots of mirror work in the morning.. posing numerous facial
          expressions, etc.
          oh.. to be perfect in one’s own mind!

      2. And if you bothered to pull your head out and read the actual post, you’ll understand why this is still on Obama’s watch.

        Face it. Your Boy King presided over the worst economy in nearly a century.

        Own it. All of it.

  2. A thought experiment:

    When was the last time you saw a retail establishment holding a going-out-of-business sale?

    And when was the last time you saw a retail establishment announcing “Coming Soon,” or “Grand Opening?”

    I have a shopping complex nearby which has seen MovieStop leave already; Rue 21 and Family Christian are either already closed, or will be soon enough.

    And yet, the last retailer I remember opening, was a couple of years ago, when an H&M moved into a space where a Borders bookstore had been.

    1. ……….and, when a business does go into a failing mall, you can bet that the price per square foot is about $.10; when it once was $10. Actually, the retail shopping has been killed by Amazon. Just look at what Jeff Bezos just hauled in. Can we say billions!

      1. You can’t say the digital economy is entirely to blame.

        For data-heavy retailers–books, media–there is an advantage to digital delivery, yes.

        But there’s a downside, as well. Another anecdote: I was trying to do some housecleaning on my Kindle Fire the other day, and the device somehow got unsynced–which meant my entire library went poof, and it took a couple of hours to reload everything. Not something I’d have to worry about with tree-based reading material, right?

        I still keep a physical CD collection, same reasoning.

        And what of retailers of practical things? I can’t exactly download a bottle of cologne, and I don’t trust UPS with the stuff. And kitchen gadgets are something I need to see, and not guess about from a picture. Furniture over the web? Not happening, not for me at least.

        And so on.

        So don’t put this all on e-commerce. It’s changed the landscape, yes; but it can’t singlehandedly wipe out the brick and mortar economy.

        Amazon has been mailing books for nearly a quarter of a century, but Barnes and Noble is still around for a reason.

        Make sense?

  3. Will we EVER be rid of this lying, vial, Satanic excuse for a human? Wish he would get hit in the head with a stray golf ball and woke up with no memorey except running barefoot on the Savanah with the rest of the tribe

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