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Fox’s Watters on “Vacation” After Alleged Lewd Ivanka Comment

Yes, just what Fox needs! Bill O’Reilly’s former sidekick, Jesse Watters, in a controversy over lewd commentary.

From the Washington Examiner:

Criticism of Watters, who has seen controversy in the past, began Tuesday when during a segment on Ivanka Trump, he said he “really liked how she was speaking into that microphone.”

Many viewers saw it as a sexually explicit remark, agitating a sore spot for Fox, which has seen two of its biggest names depart over the past year due to sexual harassment claims.

Watters on Wednesday, however, defended himself, saying he was merely referring to Trump’s voice, which “resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ.”

Well, you be the judge. The tipoff might be that frat boy, aren’t I clever? smirk he flashes at the conclusion of his comment. But who knows, maybe he’s just into smooth jazz.

He says he’ll be back Monday. The last high-profile Fox host to take a vacation, O’Reilly, of course, never returned.

21 Responses to Fox’s Watters on “Vacation” After Alleged Lewd Ivanka Comment

  1. I dunno. I don’t see anything here, but if my mind was in the gutter, I might.

    It reminds me of when I taught high school. Sometimes the kids would find something to snicker about something I said, and I wasn’t even aware of it.

  2. I never appreciated Watters mannerism. His man on the street reporting was always a bit condescending and could be considered rude. His words in this clip may have been innocent but his hand motion at the same time could easily have been construed as demonstrating something more.

    And his smirking does not help.


    • Considering how little the bimbos know about anything going on in the world, present or past, it wouldn’t be hard to be a bit condescending. 99.99% of his viewing audience likely feels the same way.

      One has to reach pretty far to get that Watters’ “hand motion” implied anything.

      Watters always has that “smirk”; it’s how he smiles.

  3. Unless these neopuritans want to use the same standards on the rap “music” industry, they all need to STFDASTFU.

    (Acronymic profanity used for the sake of irony, if it’s not obvious.)

    • …Did anyone ask ‘Pres.’&Mrs. Obama about all the foul language and misogamy the rappers/thugs/criminals who always visited their White House used…?

      • Never mind that, just get on the DC Metro Green Line at Nationals Park and head towards College Park/UMD.

        I swear, if we’re in a loud tunnel, and I can hear every single swear word that’s coming out of your iPhone, you’d better use it to have Siri find the closest audiologist.

  4. Just do your job , report the news, entertain people and keep your personal feeling to your self most people are sick of hearing this BS.

  5. The Flowering Frauds of Feminism taking another stand on their pile of poo. There was NOTHING lewd or controversial in any way in what Watters said.

  6. I do believe he was referring to her finishing school style of speaking, very…practiced. Reminds me a bit of Jackie Kennedy and the tour of the White House she conducted for CBS cameras (NBC? ABC?) back in 1962 (1963?).

  7. Stupid. First it’s a matter of interpretation. This is just another example of being punished for speaking a possible innuendo. And that, of course, leads to a further limitation on speech.

    A simple apology saying the lewd interpretation was not the intended one should have sufficed.

    Instead he is banished. I assume he will return, if the crazies haven’t gone overboard by then, and issue the standard I Renounce Myself.

    This whole thing just creeps me out. Anyone — anyone — see this done to those on the Left. Sarah Palin ring a bell? It’s just plain communist creepy. Especially when one considers the lewdness of our entire culture with the last ten or so years.

  8. I think your mind had to be in the gutter already to interpret his remark that way.

    Now Joe Biden… I see a news story that he spoke about sexual assault. Go find all the footage of him groping little girls right in front of the cameras during all the photo ops. Now THAT is creepy!