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Ann Coulter Cancels Berkeley Speech

Conservative activist Ann Coulter canceled her speech at the University of California at Berkeley.

Leftist students and others have promised massive protests if she speaks, and authorities have warned that they might not be able to prevent violence. This resulted in a decision by the Young America’s Foundation, a Republican student group, to pull out of the event, a move that Coulter blamed for her decision to cancel.

Coulter said she may still show up on campus, begging the question of whether she will end up deciding to speak anyway.

The quashing of Coulter’s event is the latest effort by liberal students and others on the Left to shut down free speech by conservatives.

14 Responses to Ann Coulter Cancels Berkeley Speech

  1. This is exactly how the nazi party rose to power in Germany. Any voice that disagreed was shouted down, intimidated into changing their minds, and often beaten into silence. The narrative was forced into their favor.

    In this case, they were intimidated into changing their minds. We need to be very careful.

  2. This is just too bad. The Leftists have such an odiferous message that ANY dissent has to be squashed so their precious ears will not be hurt or their ideals proven to be the pile of crap that they are.
    If Berkley won’t adhere to the 1st Amendment, ALL taxpayer funds need to be cut off immediately.

    • And if any law enforcement receiving federal funds refuses to protect the right to free speech then they should have those funds removed. Berkeley

  3. I admire all those who speak out. But, let’s be clear, witness Milo, Ann Coulter and anyone others: There will be blood. If you are not to that, understandably, then don’t take it on.

    Because American law enforcment is absent and letting leftist maraudersd do their will. There is no Law and Order at these events. And where is the Dept of Justice when an American cannot speak because their is no protection for that Freedom of Speech.

    What kind of freedom is that? Third world freedom at best.

  4. One also has to wonder if recent revelations–e.g., that the mayor of Berkeley is a member of By Any Means Necessary–had any bearing on this.

    No wonder Berkeley’s Finest were ordered to stand down: THE MAYOR IS ON THE RIOTERS’ SIDE. And he wasn’t even trying to hide it.

    • When law enforcement stands down upon order when citizens are threatened and in harm’s way then I believe they are derelict in their duty. If the situation had been so threatening that it would have without recourse threatened the police as well that’s more understandable.

      In my book I have no use for an LEO who will not maintain law and order.

    • It’s the Berzerkeleys, man. Plus ca change. They burned Daniel Flynn’s book on Wesley Cook way back in 2001 after shouting him down.