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Video || Trump: “The Wall is Going to Get Built, Folks”

Well, okay, but it looks increasingly like the fight will be waged in the fall, when Congress works to pass the funding bills for next year. like Trump appears to be putting up the white flag for the current spending fight, which will fund the government through September.

If he won’t do it now, Trump must make the Democrats cave on building the wall in the fall. He was elected on this issue more than any other. He should allow the Democrats to shut down the government, whatever is needed. Otherwise, if preserving the culture and stemming massive illegal immigration is not non-negotiable, then there was no point to this election.

The Wall Street Journal has a good suggestion: End the filibuster for appropriations bills. I have no doubt that’s what the Democrats would do. The filibuster is not in the Constitution. If the Founders wanted it to be more difficult to pass legislation in the Senate, they would have prescribed a super-majority vote.

5 Responses to Video || Trump: “The Wall is Going to Get Built, Folks”

  1. Once again the spineless curs in congress have run the clock out on the budget.

    Always fighting a deadline is no way to run things.

    If I were Trump I would let the government shut down and pin it on the democrats.

    The 100 day target means nothing, it’s a bogus parameter that needs to be ignored.

    • The budget lies squarely at the feet of Budget Boy Wonder Paul Ryan who so far has been unable to propose and get Congress operating on a budget. CRs seem to suit the Republicans.

      They have had 8 years to come up with a budget, a Replace and repeal on Obamacare, and solutions to our Immigration problem, including building the wall.

      So far, Trump seems to have thrown his lot in with the Priebus, Ryan, McConnell crowd and his sordid dinner guests of late.

      I am all for shutting the government down. I do not believe Trump will do it.

      Oh btw, did you see where bussed in protesters, with professional signage “stormed” the lobby of the Heritage Foundation Building. At a minimum this is trespassing. At my last reading, I do not know the resolution but LEO not visible.

      Would be easy to get info on who chartered bus, who the participants were and charge them.

    • Spot on.
      John Z and I agree.
      “You can’t accomplish everything in 100 days, especially when you’re faced with the insane obstructionism of the left, which cares more about terrorists and illegal aliens than it does about American citizens. The President has my support 100%, no regrets, no back-tracking. Drain the swamp and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

  2. San Fran is organizing another Immigrant Free day May 1st. I wonder how to tabulate the entire associated costs of Visa fraud & illegal immigration? If all related extra dollars spent on Health care, food-stamps, housing, births, education, SSI, disability, bogus tax refunds, Anchor babies, additional Fed. State & City policing, Prison & Jail, Etc. the numbers would stagger us.
    The untold tragic number of US Citizens lives lost continues to climb unabated.
    There is NO immigrant “free” day!
    Besides the 1st is a Mon. & Cinco De Mayo is Fri., looks like a short week.