As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Trump Offers an Impassioned Statement on the Holocaust

Such an irony that liberals suggest President Trump is anti-Semitic, when his beloved daughter and his grandchildren are observant Jews, along with her husband and his closest aide, Jared Kushner.

6 Responses to Video || Trump Offers an Impassioned Statement on the Holocaust

  1. Reason #943 to be thankful that Hillary Clinton is not our president. I firmly believe that for all his faults, Trump is and will always be a better alternative.

  2. Like the White Queen, libs practice believing six impossible things before breakfast and then repeat them until they are convinced they are true.

  3. The Dem/MSM groups have convince millions of Americans that MrTrump is a racist – without any evidence of that charge.
    He’s a sexist who abuses women – without anything other than a 20 yr old lockerroom chat with another guy.
    He’s anti-immigrant even though his beloved wife is an immigrant.
    They are all lies that have no basis.

    The biggest lie is the Russia “collusion”.
    What they assume is colluded is a mystery.

    We know who he is. We’ve seen him in our living rooms and in our newspapers for 20 years. He’s not perfect, not a saint, but he is who we wanted to lead our country out of the misery of the Obama years.

  4. Keep nurturing the lying mentality that keeps us in terror of room 101 & then wonder why true American freedom is always delayed @ best or laughed to scorn @ middle or disembowelled@ worst!