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Trump on Obamacare Repeal: Maybe this Week, Maybe September

Sounds like they’ve got a well-organized, detailed plan.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump, ripping Democrats as “absolutely obstructionists,” appears to be prepared to give up his new push to repeal and replace Obamacare, suggesting that a new target could be in September.

“Will it be this week or next week, I don’t know,” he told reporters at a reception Monday afternoon in the Roosevelt Room.

“We could come back in September, but we’ll see what we get now,” he added of the negotiations with Democrats.

His comments about delaying his budget agenda were focused on healthcare, and not the border wall, though the administration has tied both to his budget demands going into this week.

They came at the top of a 25 minute Q&A with conservative journalists and followed a question about the administration’s frustration with Congress.

I don’t know what’s going on in the West Wing, but they’ve got to start showing the same kind of resolution on Capitol Hill as they are showing overseas. This is nonsense.

6 Responses to Trump on Obamacare Repeal: Maybe this Week, Maybe September

  1. I believe it’s time for democrates and republicans to grow up and give the people of the United States of America what they voted for. Freedom from Obamacare and it deceiving of the ones who need their insurance for medical concerns at a decent price.
    I believe that the people who want Obamacare to stay, (liberals) should have to pay the same prices for their medical and prescriptions as those who have no choice but to take Obamacare or pay the price with out tax returns. God created all people equal.
    Let’s make the ones voted into office live on the same means that us retired people live on. Why should they get paid for sitting on there backsides doing nothing for the periphery who pay their salaries. Let get it together Washington, you work for us, we are the employer and you are the employee. If I work for a company and didn’t meet the demands of my employer I would be looking for a new Job. Why should it be any different for you! God bless America and God bless President Donald J. Trump. Lead us to victory Mr. President

  2. Agreed. This is nonsense. And the Republicans are not helping.

    Put both party’s on notice. Shut down the government, get your act together, act like grown ups and elected officials.

    The people in the country have taken all kinds of abuse from the government. A shutdown will hurt more Congreessional and Government people than citizens going about their lives. Although no doubt the government will make sure we are punished.

    • Today’s US Congress = a moral & intellectual cesspool of 535 idiots, morons, criminals & scumbags; both ‘Democrat’ & ‘Republican’.

  3. The Republicans need to repeal Obamacare right now by suspending the filibuster or whatever else they need to do. A free market replacement bill can then be placed in the pipeline. Working with democrats is a dead end because they are all about statism/ government control. You cannot mount two horses, nor can you stretch two bows.

  4. What difference does it make? The campaign promise is already broken whether that disgusting piece of legislation passes or not. Well at least we have the wall. Oh wait. We’ll have to wait for next year.

  5. “I don’t know what’s going on in the West Wing,..”

    Perhaps it’s because increasingly the West Wing is dominated by the Kushner/Priebus crowd.

    A big anti Trumper, and someone who worked with Priebus at the RNC, and a Jeb Bush supporter, has been hired as WH Director of Media Relations.

    Breitbart asked Spicer about it and he requested that they hold the story and he would get back to them. Spicer did not respond or provide any information about yet again another anti Trumper/Priebus/GOPe hire. So Breitbart published, as they should have,