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Trump Summons Entire Senate to White House for North Korea Briefing

Something’s brewing.

The entire Senate has been asked to come to the White House for a 3 pm ET briefing Wednesday by national security officials on the threat from North Korea.

This follows a talk President Trump has with German Chancellor Merkel this morning about the North Korea situation.

North Korea is on its way toward developing intercontinental ballistic missiles that can hit the United States. Trump has said this is unacceptable. Under Obama, such a viewpoint would have been theoretical and lacked teeth. Under Trump, it’s a different story.

And that may be why the Senate is headed to the White House, something I’ve never heard of before unless it was for a picnic.

A similar briefing for House members is being arranged, according to Reuters.

North Korea just kidnapped another American this week. But I don’t think this gathering will be about trading for hostages.

21 Responses to Trump Summons Entire Senate to White House for North Korea Briefing

    • Trump is learning the ropes. Bring in the Senate, brief them, then move ahead. This way there is no accusation of acting without authority.


      • And yet the F%#king ‘idiots’ in this US Senate will “blame” President Trump no matter what happens…
        If the US attacks North Korea these idiots in the US Senate will claim they were never ‘told/briefed’ what was going on.

    • Never heard of Google Maps? Staffers can pull it up for them in minutes.

      Left to their own devices you are probably correct. NORK not a congressional junket stop over.

    • Nothing good can come from this meeting, IMO.

      Curious as to why you say that?

      One thing that is good, see comment above, is that the Congress cannot say it was unaware. As to the rest I don’t know.

      • I think MrTrump and his advisors want to do something about NoKo or there is something waiting for final approval and he wants all of the Senate to be on board.
        They won’t all agree, we know that, but they can’t say they didn’t know about it.

        Not many Senators can keep a secret, so we’re sure to find out what is going on there.
        My guess – we’re going to put an end to NoKo’s threats to us and other nations.

        • Thanks. Also Pence is cutting his trip short and will be returning to WDC on Tuesday.

          So, yes something is up. Whatever it is and if it’s military let’s hope its surgical and without collateral civilian damage. Like MOAB — in and out — no prior public announcement and no civilian damage.

          I don’t agree with all the fanfare and drama of this.

  1. NK is in deep doodoo. I predict a parallel mission: rescue hostages and take out nuke capabilities for the foreseeable future. Maybe even take out the chief maniac.

  2. As others have said here, this assemblage of Congress critters is big. Part of the rational is symbolic (a signal to the NK’s to get Fat Boy under control? Won’t happen, but the sentiment is appreciated). But there’s much more than symbolism going on. Trump’s meetings with the Chinese premier Xi, Angela Merkel, Therese May and some others suggests he’s getting them on board for something very big. Tex Tillerson and Mike Pence have also been traveling abroad and making strong statements about NK. Something’s up for sure.

  3. Pre-emptive strike by Trump – no one can claim they “didn’t know about it” “weren’t memo-ed.” His Twitters are for the same purpose. The MSM can’t “misquote” him when it comes directly out of his mouth (which could use a little editing sometimes, frankly.)

    With the publication of a full schedule on working days, he is showing transparency and a certain bit of, “Look what I did, Mom!” Good for us! And the hell with the MSM and the rest of them.

    • No matter what Trump does in any arena, in any setting or with any decision, the MSM are trained and paid to declare that Trump did “the wrong thing”. That’s just the way it is, but we already know that.

  4. It just occurred to me — this includes Democrats also. DUH!

    Between the Dems and the GOPe this has a 100% of leaking, and not accurately.