In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Trump Schedule || Monday, April 24, 2017

9:30 am || Speaks with German Chancellor Merkel
10:00 am || Has a video conference with NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station
10:30 am || Receives his daily intelligence briefing
11:30 am || Has a working lunch with ambassadors of countries on the United Nations Security Council; State Dining Room
2:30 pm || Signs a proclamation on Holocaust Remembrance
3:00 pm || Hosts a credential ceremony for newly appointed ambassadors to Washington, D.C.
4:30 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford
5:30 pm || Participates in a reception with conservative media; Chief of Staff Patio
6:30 pm || Has dinner with Senator and Mrs. John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham; Residence

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing with Sean Spicer at 1:30 pm

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  1. I watched a bit of news on NBC last night and wished I hadn’t. The MSM is so biased and critical of President Trump. The man has accomplished more in his first 100 days than Barry did in 8 years, yet is still criticized. It doesn’t matter what Trump may accomplish, it’s never enough for the left.

    1. I heard a twit on local radio declare that Trump ‘conned’ his way into the White House and is so dumb he can’t function…

      George W. Bush as governor of Texas, executed 135 prisoners, most ever in history of anywhere and yet he was voted in as SCOTUS pick for President. Obama became President through Oprah and propaganda hefted TV news jockeys. We won’t discuss how cigar lovin’ Clinton ‘thieved’ his way on bended knees to his victory.

      Any criticism of Trump flops when compared to the horrifying monsters that preceded him, the politicians with style and flair and an ability to ‘lead’.

    2. We went to a dinner on Friday where the speaker was our congressman, who is a republican. He said over 75% of what the media is reporting is wrong, Trump is a very smart man, and he is getting things done!

      He was very positive about the Trump administration.

    1. I can’t comment on your site so I will do so here.

      Pelosi gets away with it because she will not allow herself to be confronted on any of the mindless drivel she spews.

      When is the last time she has allowed herself to be in a situation where she could be put on the spot and would have to answer for the failure of the democratic party?

      All of their appearances are strictly orchestrated in order to minimize any chance of a confrontational question being asked by someone that will not be dissuaded by a non-answer.

      It would be very easy to make these people look like fools.

      All it takes is a little knowledge of their history and the ability to pin them down when they lie.

    1. Yea, it seems to have been a personnel/leadership mess for some time now at Fox. With the Ailes and O’Reilly sex adventures made public, and the many, many, many women at Fox who have come forward to lay charges on these two guys, it’s got to be a nightmare working there. I suspect the same story is true for the other networks– ABC/NBC/CBC; it just hasn’t come out yet. Who knows what else in going on there at Fox or the other networks? That’s the question that always comes up when the curtain begins to be pulled back all the secret goings on in an organization.

      I haven’t watched anything on Fox for a long time (or any other television network news show, for that matter), and I don’t miss them at all. And those group presenters/analysts? No, thank you. Is there anything more boring than to watch a bunch of narcissistic metrosexual 30-somethings sitting around a table or on a couch pontificating on world events? Answer: No, there is not.

      There are plenty of other sources, thousands– for news all over the internet from a variety of viewpoints to waste my time spending 30 minutes listening to some necktied geek on television telling me his (or her) view of the day’s events.

      Whew. THAT turned into a rant, didn’t it? ;+}

        1. Thanks! Brings back great memories. Me-retired USAF; first son, now retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant; second son, soon to be retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant, just got his Master’s Degree; nephew, current active duty Apache helicopter crew chief due to re-up.

        2. When they started after Hannity, that told me it is a left-wing coup to take down FOX, the alt left’s largest nemesis. Hannity is a good, decent, God fearing man. I truly believe this. Are there no creepy, women chasing, trophy hunting men at NBC, ABC NSMBC who have attained power and love women. I now truly believe this has been a rigged system to take down FOX. Even some of the women who have alleged being abused are not what could be defined as conservative. That starts with Megyn Kelly.

      1. I read an article online yesterday (wish I remembered where so I could post the link), and it said the rank and file employees are generally happy at Fox, with the major problems happening at a higher management level – quite removed from the day-to-day activities.

        On O’Reilly’s show itself, most of the staff was there from the beginning, over 20 years ago…if he were such a predatory monster, I can’t imagine people sticking around that long, especially in a business where folks naturally move around a lot.

        I’ve read on social media where some ex-Fox employees, notably Bill Schulz (formerly of Red Eye) and Lauren Sivan (now working for the Fox L.A. affiliate) have been dumping on O’Reilly, saying he was cruel to his staff and corroborating the harassment accusations – but they come off like bitter ex-employees with axes to grind. Easy for them to speak out now.

    2. There will not even be a whiff of conservative thought in any nook or cranny. And then MeAgain Kelly will return to do Battle of the Networks with Rachel Madcow.

      Should be interesting, as the last somewhat reasonable news program melts down into the Democrat swamp.

    3. Mark Levin thinks it’s partlyndue to the influence of the kids of whomever is the new Fox leader. Levin talked about all the inappropriate sexual conduct/activities of Clinton and how little the media reported on him versus O’Rielly.

      Many of O’Rielly’s advertisers have ties to–surprise–the Clintons.

      1. The Murddoch boys are running Fox. They are both Liberals and a step away from being Leftists. This is the beginning of a house cleaning, or as some would say, a purge.

        Maybe not totally conservative, but FOX was always a choice outside the MSM. Now they are the MSM — as I said, Maddow vs. Kelly.

  2. That dinner with the leading anti Trump GOPe opposition, McCain and Miss Lindsey better be about putting them on notice.

    At this point I’d just as soon see them in stocks on the WH lawn.

      1. Lindsey Graham and John McCain , if not Democrats, are solid members of the Uni Party.

        At one point I thought Graham, at least had principles, unlike McCain. I no longer believe that. I think Miss Lindsey is now head over heels for the aging Arizona Senator.

  3. Democrats got God off their platform in 2008. Now a requirement for being a Democrat is baby killing, at whatever stage of development.

    Or as the Left likes to call is Women’s Right to Choose. Tom Perez has always been a dangerous idealogue and it will only get worse.

    Ideological Purity — many a communist has died over this. So, good luck Dems when you are in the dock and have to deny your God and the right to life.

    Years ago I might have considered my statement “tin foil” hat crazy. Now it is fact and reality. Democrat fealty is to the Party.

      1. They are doubling down on the tactics that got them where they are.
        The only place to go is toward conservatism and their egos will never let them do it.

        If they lose more seats in the congress come 2018, the hole they will find themselves in will become much deeper.

        All of it is their own doing.

      2. Perez is also CATHOLIC. A member of the Nancy Pelosi Catholic Church, I believe.

        Here is a glowing, old article about Perez. Everything it finds “admirable” is in fact, despicable. Check it out if you want to see the further direction of the Democrat Party.

        I cannot see how any Catholic can justify being a Democrat, and it is not just Women’s Choice, pro abortion, position.

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