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Obama’s Dangerous, Secret Deal to Secure his Iran Agreement

Its looks like Barack Obama’s do-anything-to-please-Iran policy to get his nuclear deal included the undermining of work by his own Justice Department to try to shut down efforts by Iranian agents to procure nuclear weapons. These agents, more than two dozen of them, are now free to go about their business as Iran readies its nuclear breakout once the terms of the deal start to end in a decade or so, or once Iran decides it feels like it.

From an excellent piece by Politico. Yes, Politico.

In his Sunday morning address to the American people, Obama portrayed the seven men he freed as “civilians.” The senior official described them as businessmen convicted of or awaiting trial for mere “sanctions-related offenses, violations of the trade embargo.”

In reality, some of them were accused by Obama’s own Justice Department of posing threats to national security. Three allegedly were part of an illegal procurement network supplying Iran with U.S.-made microelectronics with applications in surface-to-air and cruise missiles like the kind Tehran test-fired recently, prompting a still-escalating exchange of threats with the Trump administration. Another was serving an eight-year sentence for conspiring to supply Iran with satellite technology and hardware. As part of the deal, U.S. officials even dropped their demand for $10 million that a jury said the aerospace engineer illegally received from Tehran.

And in a series of unpublicized court filings, the Justice Department dropped charges and international arrest warrants against 14 other men, all of them fugitives. The administration didn’t disclose their names or what they were accused of doing, noting only in an unattributed, 152-word statement about the swap that the U.S. “also removed any Interpol red notices and dismissed any charges against 14 Iranians for whom it was assessed that extradition requests were unlikely to be successful.”

Of course, the openness administration, whose alumni enjoy slamming the Trump White House as a den of liars, hid this from the American people. All for a deal that eventually gives Iran nuclear weapons. And, apparently, the people they need to procure more technology.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Dangerous, Secret Deal to Secure his Iran Agreement”

  1. No matter how much anti American activity Obama did or will do, there will be no legal or even repercussions.

    It is sickening.

    Congress should start investigating. They won’t.

    Glad to see this in Politico, But it will go no further. Have you seen WAPO lately — they have lost all reason.

  2. Remember the deal with the North Koreans? Look how that’s turned out.

    And it will pale in comparison to what lies down the road with Iran.

    If Obama wasn’t an enemy of the United States, please tell me what he would’ve done differently with Iran if he was.

  3. Still waiting for someone to report what the Iranian Mouse actually did as Obama’s little henchwoman. And is she working out of his house to orchestrate and monitor the anti-Trump program while Obama pretends to be above the fray? (at least temporarily)

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