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Decline of Western Civilization Part 327: DNC Chair Curses in Front of Children

Have a look at the beginning of this video. You can see DNC Chairman Tom Perez going on a profane rant with a child just a few feet away.

Below, he notes that a child is in the audience, and keeps right on cursing.

This is the Democratic Party today. Anything to win, anything that works, no matter the ethics or the appearance of it, because everything is to be subordinated to the larger goals. That is, for you Leninists out there, the means justify the ends.

Perez is also reflective of what years of leftist domination of the culture has given the country, starting with the free love, tradition-destroying ethic introduced in the 1960s. Without the discipline of a moral code, or even the recognition that any values are absolute, you have the deconstruction of society and the result that, for example, more than a quarter of American children are being raised in single-mother homes.

Ironically, the corrosion of the culture hurts the populations that liberals claim to care about most — women, minorities, and children. What they have done more than anything is give men the freedom to do whatever the hell they want.

Don’t worry, eight-year-olds don’t read White House Dossier, but they do attend speeches.

What Tom Perez is doing here, and that it’s the chairman of the Democrats and not the Republicans is no coincidence. It’s a symptom, and indeed a symbol, of the larger cultural problem inflicted upon us by liberals.

10 Responses to Decline of Western Civilization Part 327: DNC Chair Curses in Front of Children

  1. The Judeao/Christian values that this country was founded upon is the enemy that must be defeated.

    Any attempts to bring a sense of morality back into the picture is immediately destroyed along with any common sense approach to whatever issue is on the table.

    Socialism has been proven throughout history to be a failed concept, yet they are insistent upon immersing our society in it while trying to destroy capitalism and all of the concepts that come with it.

    Their desperation is obvious and so are their attempts to push the agenda no matter what.

  2. The name of the game is to make the people loyal to the Party and only the Party. The State will rule.

    Now that the rollout is increasingly obvious and visible I wonder if there is any point at which the voters will rebel. I suspect not.

    Play this in front of any English speaking Hispanic or Black grandmother and see how it goes over. These are the people who raise the children.

    Play this in front of Nancy Pelosi’s grandchildren or great grandchildren, or Hillary Clinton’s grandchildren and watch their faces contort. They will not object. True Democrat Progressives their loyalty is already to the Party over the family.

    • and in Pelosi’s case over her professed faith in the Roman Catholic Church. And as I said earlier Perez himself is also a Pelosi Catholic.

  3. Oh wait. Is this part of the grand tour of America that Perez is making with Obama or is it Schumer? Does anyone know. I remember reading about this across the country rollout.

    Is this Barack Obama I’m Back Unplugged Tour?

  4. I appreciate the concern for innocent children hearing adults use profanity as part of a conversation, but I’m not a child, nor am I a cloistered citizen and I don’t like it or approve of it.
    The English language has a multitude of adjectives to describe anything, but the “seven words” don’t indicate anything but crassness.
    The late social comics, George Carlin and Lenny Bruce, might have railed against forbidding gutter speech, but it’s still not ‘good form’ to use it in public.

  5. Cursing has been a middle class value as practiced in public/ private (what’s the difference) speech & print since 1975 for all to hear & repeat no matter what age or race or rank! And yet it still disgusts me & is a crafty form of child abuse that hardens what would normally be tender hearts, preparing them for their future of brutish stupidity! As long as those who love the serpent-mentality control how & what enters all levels of consciousness- undethroned & secured by our Euro moral paralysis – we deserve what we complain about!

  6. What is wrong with the DNC? Can’t go much lower. Classless.
    When a person has a small vocabulary they resort to curse words to express themselves. This guy fits that bill