In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Sunday Open Thread || April 23, 2017

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  1. President and MrsTrump visited WalterReed yesterday to visit the wounded and present a medal to one of the patients.
    Considering how the MSM relates to anything MrTrump does, their fingers must have burned when they wrote about it in their papers and web sites.

    The First 100 Days- who decided that a measure of how the President has succeeded can be determined in the first months?
    One of the MSM haters even complained that MrTrump hasn’t signed any new legislation yet – as if he is responsible for making laws. Others wonder why our taxes haven’t lowered yet, where’s the wall, why isn’t Obamacare fixed by now – and blame all this on MrTrump.
    It’s unfair and a deceit to lay these things on any President – it’s Congress that is a failure, and has been a failure for decades.

    1. Reince Priebus on MTP went down a list of historical fact of recent past administrations and the media myth that Trump as failed.
      Of course weasel lil Chucky Todd kept interrupting and refused to acknowledge but Reince stuck to his guns.
      Then he followed it up with a all hail the queen Nancy Pelosi love fest.

      1. Speaking of Frau Pelosi I have been doing some reading on revolutions and upheavals lately, and just skimmed something on Maos Cultural Revolution.

        Nancy Pelosi, of all the Democrat leaders, is almost single handedly responsible for purging the Democrat Party of all Blue Dog Democrats and replacing them with Alinskyite cultists.

        As for Congress, I am at a loss for why they don’t act.

    2. Look at what the MSM wrote:

      “He flopped as an owner of a professional football team, effectively killing not only his own franchise but the league as a whole. He blew up his first marriage, married his mistress, and then divorced her, too. He bankrupted his casinos five times over the course of nearly 20 years. His eponymous airline existed for less than three years and ended up almost a quarter of a billion dollars in debt. And he has slapped his surname on a practically never-ending sequence of duds and scams (Trump Ice bottled water, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump magazine, Trump Mortgage, Trump University—for which he settled a class-action fraud lawsuit earlier this year for $25 million). Other risk-taking businessmen might periodically cop to falling short while pivoting to what’s next. Not Trump. He has dealt with his roster of losses largely by refusing to acknowledge them as anything other than wins.”

      Most people would crumble under so many failures, but the power of positive thinking goes a long way.

      1. I can relate – on a tiny, teeny scale. Our family tried a few business enterprises, some failed before they really started, some died a slow financial death, but we kept going and found what worked.
        It’s the American way, IMO.
        Betcha Bill Gates wasn’t a success with his first attempts, for instance.
        As for MrTrump’s personal life- marriages fail. What didn’t fail was his care and love for all of his children.
        That’s the part that counts.

      2. That article could have listed 5x the successes, and been much more convincing of his successes if the writer had been half as prejudiced toward Trump as he was against.

      3. Winning through experience of failure. Worked for Edison, works for Trump. Anybody remember the amount of time, money and expertise Steve Jobs put into LISA (not his daughter — the computer). Nope, fail.But other successes.

        When you are a socialist party, a socialist media both with a socialist ethos and you use other people’s money it is difficult to understand risk.

        Of course, we could look at Obama’s “fascist failures” Anybody remember the government money put into Obama’s joint venture Solyndra? At least Trump didn’t use taxpayer money to fund his failures.

        Trump has had failed marriages. Jack Kennedy had one marriage and a legendary history littered with mistresses, including a former mafia darling. Not to mention Bill Clinton. Who never gets mentioned. And Barack Obama’s fairy tale marriage is anything but.

        History is filled with the failures of great people.

        Democrats take note.

      4. Democrats are like Palestinians in that they are viscious, lie from a script every day and are assassins of character,they take great pride and joy in ruining people’s lives,just like the Palestinians, all in the name of trying to win back the power which they will not do as long as they are communists and socialists. America is not a communist and/or socialist country and yes there are real Americans that will never accept having a communist/socialist country. There will be a revolution before that happens. Their socialist party have become a bunch of low-class morons like Tom Perez who curses America’s President and who don’t give a damn about anyone, including minorities, they just use everyone for the vote and will stop at nothing to steal an election. And they talk about the Russians? They are the enemy within and should be arrested for treason against our President and our country.

    3. The MSM has lost its collective mind. On the local news this morning, one of the anchors gleefully declared “Vacation’s over!” for Obama, as if he’s returning to his presidential duties…in another story about the French election, an American in Paris was interviewed, warning how important it is to vote because “look what happened in America” – of course they chose someone who would take a swipe at Trump. So predictable.

  2. Watching Chuck Todd interview Lance preibus and he is so rude and once Lance starts giving him answers he doesn’t like; about why federal Judges haven’t been confirmed because Chuckie Schumer blusters for 30 hours per judge,and how few presidents pass major legislation in the first 100 days, Todd started blustering and wanted to change the subject. Lance hung in there as long as he could.
    Now he’s waxing poetic with Nancy polosi, helping her figure out how to elect Democrats…
    Hate watching this show but have to stay up on their insidious manipulation of the facts.

    1. Good for you. It’s hard reading their tripe and listening to their twisted facts or hypocrisy.
      One of the MSM/Dem (same thing) said that MrObama deported more illegal aliens than MrTrump, so MrTrump shouldn’t be bragging. What?
      The next sentence was to support illegal aliens from deportation as their “right”. Huh?

      It’s hard to keep up, so Kudos to you for keeping an eye/ear on them.

    2. It’s just terrible. It’s like he has two personalities when he talks to republicans and democrats. All I know is Nancy pelosi needs to go, even if she seems dumb

  3. While we live today in a time of corporate controlled leftist media hell bent on pushing their own political agenda, 75 years ago America was literally on her back.
    And it was in the morning of April 18th, that the Doolittle Bombers launched from the deck of the USS Hornet enroute for Tokyo.
    This past Tuesday, the last living member of that raid gave the last toast to his comrades.
    My Sunday Globe column on it:
    Thank God, this country was not always half filled with Alinsky democrats and snowflake ignorants dedicated on destroying from within what no nation could ever do from outside.

    1. I can only imagine how the call for volunteers sounded.
      “I need men for a mission, here it is. We’re going take off a carrier in B-25’s, fly to Japan and bomb Tokyo.
      Won’t have enough gas to return, so try to make it to China and land.
      Any volunteers?”
      I can see the men raising their hands and stepping forward.
      Puts a lump in my throat.

      1. In this case they didn’t even know what they were volunteering for, just that it would be “extremely hazardous”. They didn’t even flinch! My respect for that generation grows with every column I research for that time.

      1. OT I don’t know how your computer is set up, but there are settings and you can make a site’s print larger to your liking if this is what you are talking about. Likewise smaller.

        Sometimes this site dwindles almost pencil thin on my computer and I have to enlarge it just to see some of it or respond at all.

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