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Video || Trump Has Signed 34 Executive Actions, Orders, and Memos

This Fox video goes through the biggest, including orders related to immigration, environmental regulations, and law and order.

Somehow, Obama’s executive actions were a big deal, but Trump’s don’t seem to count toward his 100-day achievement report card. You know, because Obama was trying to do good, and Trump is changing all that, intentionally hurting people and rescinding all of Obama’s fine work. So why would the MSM talk about it?

Journalists will always do a story, for example, on some enviro measure they think is saving the planet, whether it actually is doing much or not. But ask them to do a story on an action that tries to balance environmental needs with the needs of people who want jobs to support their families and the needs of businesses that hire such people, and reporters don’t particularly care.

2 Responses to Video || Trump Has Signed 34 Executive Actions, Orders, and Memos

  1. Ah the media….talk about twist n shout. Americans need to hear the message, but seek out the messengers for who they are. We are all vetters now…


  2. Reporters on Cabal TV are a big deal apparently, knotheads who spew fascism and the conservative alt right loves it! Rush, and Mark and all the other billionaire ‘news’ peeps thrive on ‘mainstream’ media foul ups to ‘illustrate’ propaganda forces inside the media world.

    Everybody rightly criticizes bovine Hillary for bashing Trump during her campaign for his ‘ineptitude’ yet conservatives bash TV news…blah..blah, you know what I mean.

    Are you guys so hard up to find something to talk about or is it too easy criticizing morons?