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Trump Schedule || Saturday, April 22, 2017

President Trump is at the White House this weekend. He has no publicly scheduled events.

UPDATE: The president and the first lady this afternoon traveled to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to meet with wounded warriors.

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    • Well now,…I wonder what it is costing us to ship Obama’s SS around the world?
      And don’t forget his daughter dragged them to NYC to party this past week.

      Hmmmm,…I wonder if Obama is paying for their lodging out of his pocket?

      He isn’t, we are.

      You seem to have a head for figures given the 3 million you rattled off.

      See if you can ferret out the cost of the SS and the tab for their lodging and where they stayed.

      We’ll wait.

      • it is interesting to see Obama flying on private jets and staying at private resorts… if it was a conservative, i am sure we would hear about it more often…

      • No one spent & gave away taxpayer money like 0. Eight years of partying.
        Worthless and lazy while moma Valjar ran the show, still lives with them.

        • I think ValJar still gets SS protection — perhaps even for life. I know she did in the WH.

          That is an unjustifiable cost no matter.

          I mean just because she was the real President ….:)

        • Nice comment! How often would you call people names if you were in the same room with them?

          He doesn’t pay for the lifetime of SS details that he has chronically demonstrated zero respect for. I think this is where I’m supposed to call you a moron?

      • So, you’re calling Trump a leftist?! Now, I like Trump, but he spent the best part of two years telling us how bad Obambi was for taking all those vacations and playing golf (all on the taxpayers’ dime), and then promptly begins running-up his own expense tab the moment he gets into office. If no one will hold Trump’s feet to the fire when he doesn’t keep his word, we may as well have Obambi back in office. As for those three-million-dollar trips? Yes, Obambi made plenty of them – and everyone here complained:

        So why can’t we now complain when Trump does the same:

        Perhaps, though, Trump has listened to his critics. He didn’t make the trip this weekend – and saved the taxpayers three million dollars. Great!

        • Check his work schedules for the time he as at Mar a lago and this time and others when he was at WH.

          Also anybody check Obama’s schedules after Thursday of each week … good luck. Usually on the golf course or flying for a meeting at a high school on Friday whereafter the rest of his weekend at some posh play place. No work on that schedule either.

          So say what you will but the cost comparison is ridiculous. It’s optics and they suck.

          if I were Trump I would say F it — arrange something financial to cover airfare on AF1 and then the rest of the costs are normal.

          • “It’s optics and they suck.”

            I agree entirely. Here’s a comment I made here a couple of weeks back…

            Trump must surely see that these weekly, and clearly expensive, trips are doing nothing for his image as the great swamp-drainer. The image I see is of a man savouring the trappings and power of office (yes, Mr President – no, Mr President) while thumbing his nose at the American taxpayer AND his supporters. Okay, he holds meetings there every so often (China! for example), but there’s nothing that can be said in Florida that can’t be said in the Oval Office, and it won’t cost the taxpayer a dime.

  1. BTW, we have no clue when 0 was flying the friendly skies, because the media didn’t report it. Only the holiday trips. They protected their beloved. Also, read about the previous VP’s lifestyle. He had a great eight years, playing.

  2. Great to have another President who cares for our military and sees them as people not press or photo ops. Once again — just because he has no “public scheduled event” doesn’t mean he’s just sitting around watching sports channels.
    Don’t you think the purple heart recipient was pleased President Trump made a trip to “him” instead of requiring the way O did it. Btw, how many times did O and MO go to Walter Reed?

    • Moo had her many facial contourings, nose rebuilding, eyebrow shaping, cheek lifts etc completely government subsidized at Reed. …while our vets wait forever for life saving medical care.

  3. If a President goes to the same place, the Secret Service can set up standard procedures.

    If a President goes all over the nation, as the “see America on your dime” Obamas did, each new destination must be assessed for risk and new plans made to address the risk of the airport, the roads to the destination, the destination itself and its surroundings, etc. This is SO much more expensive that what Trump has been doing.

    I never saw any public outrage about the Obamas’ wide ranging travels. It’s predictable, I guess, that the Trumps are being criticized for much less.