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Saturday Open Thread || April 22, 2017



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  1. Goodmorning. Tomorrow is the first round in the French Election and the suspense is overwhelming. Marine LePen, what a powerhouse, what a strong and impressive woman, I really admire her. And she is handsome too. In her younger days she was a very pretty girl, a real party princess, and of course, her fathers darling. The other ones,her competitors, the guys, are pale, ordinary politicians compared to her. So, why are the feminists not there for her like they were for Hillary ? Hmmmmm….. However, I am not sure that I want her to win. The better position for her and her politics would perhaps be to be a strong number two , pushing the number one in her direction , using him as her tool. Because to take on France now is a Herculian task. The problems are overwhelming, anyone who tries will be unpopular. However, if she wins,well, exciting times. We already live in dangerous times. I really look forward to see the EU crumble, to see all the well-fed EU bureaucrats scurry around when their ship is sinking. And many European politicians, bought and paid for by the globalists, will shiver when Putin and Marine shake hands….Trump has been quiet so far and that is fine. He used to be best friends with Marine. She visited him not long ago. I am not sure if the “new Trump” still appreciates her.

    • Good morning oh wise one across the pond,
      Trump did mention here yesterday as the strongest candidate and wished her well. I think he appreciates her as she’d definitely be a great ally along with May in GB,(what would those well-fed EU weasels do then?)but perhaps Trump holding back so not to send the far left into a frenzy against her because of their hate for him? Just a thought.

      • Good morning Geoff, yes, I read it too, on Breitbart, that Trump regards Marine as the strongest ( and best….) candidate. I believe you are right, he is holding back not to disturb the election.

        • I glanced through some news yesterday about EU demanding much payment from the U.K. upon exiting. How is this taken over in your part of the world?

    • Good morning Swedegal, well said as usual…thanks for commentary from the Euro perspective. France hangs in the balance, the front line, once again, but this time the opposition is the EU. Lord help our friends in France, they have enormous social pressure from all sides


      • Last night CBS’s story was the terrorist attack in Paris would benefit her in the election. They described her as far right.

        I describe her as having common sense.

      • Good morning Harv, yes, enormous social pressure from all sides. General De Gaulle once famously said:” imagine the difficulties in governing a country with 500 brands of cheese.” Well, you wish…..Todays difficulties are of a far more serious art.

  2. The story got lost in all the unimportant media minutia of today but last Tuesday was the 75th anniversary of the Doolittle Raid over Tokyo.
    Dick Cole is the last living member of the 80 main crews. Gave the last toast to his comrades Tuesday evening:
    I started tomorrow’s column with a comparison between him and that raid vs college campuses today but as I got into it dropped the comparison and went full tribute. Some things just deserve full attention, an he and what was done in those first months of ’42 are definitely in that category.
    Have a great Saturday all.

    • The college campuses of today have become nothing more than liberal, group think assembly lines.

      Critical thinking is bludgeoned to a pulp in due course using the threat of receiving a poor grade.

      Liberal professors are nothing more that socialist dictators.

      With the tuition rates as high as they are it amazes me that these establishments continue to prosper.

      The constant pounding that it is necessary for you to have a college degree to succeed in life should be questioned given the indoctrination that is taking place in order to achieve one.

      I’ll take an open mind over tunnel vision any day.

    • Mega thanks Geoff.
      I will definitely be looking forward to reading your article.
      Sadly I too forgot.
      30 Seconds over Tokyo is still one of my favorite WWII books.