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Where is the Republican Attack Machine on the Shutdown?

Democrats are always so much better at spinning their nonsense than Republicans are. They whine, attack, and rally the troops every time there’s a big battle to be fought, while Republicans think somehow people will come around to their point of view. And Democrats do it in an organized fashion guided by a well thought out, long-term plan that nevertheless seems spontaneous. Republicans focus solely on today’s news cycle and think they can win the PR war via President Trump’s tweets.

The newest battle — the growing struggle over funding for the government, which runs out in a week — is a perfect example of this communications incompetence.

Republicans and Democrats are trying to come to an agreement on new spending legislation that would fund the government through September, the end of the fiscal year. If they don’t, or if they can’t agree to simply fund things at current levels, the government shuts down.

Every single time there is a debate about shutting down the government, Republicans get blamed. But this debate is coming right after an election in which Republicans seized the White House and maintained their majorities in the House and the Senate. That is, voters have just affirmed their agenda. And now it is the Democrats, not Republicans, who are in reality blocking “progress” and “getting things done,” which is the mantra you hear from Democrats during these shutdown debates.

The newly elected president wants funding for the wall with Mexico, the issue that was the banner for his campaign. Democrats won’t give him a penny for it. They don’t even want to give him cash to enforce existing immigration law. He wants to increase defense spending, but Democrats are resisting. What’s more, despite having lost an election, they have demands. Americans voted to end Obamacare, but Democrats are insisting that subsidies not only continue but be enshrined forever as entitlements.

So why aren’t Republicans running around their districts and states and flooding cable TV, shrieking and close to tears about the prospect that “intransigent” and “ideological” Democrats want to “shut down the government” for their own “partisan political gain”? You know, the crap Democrats say all the frigging time.

See, here’s how this kind of BS is done, as demonstrated by a master you’ll recognize.

Yeah, it’s junk, but it’s effective.

Why aren’t Republicans accusing Democrats of potentially allowing garbage to pile up at the Korean War Memorial, or whatever, and forcing the closing of our beautiful and sacred National Parks. And why aren’t they repeating the same phrases over and over until the idea is drilled irrevocably beneath everyone’s skulls and into their grey matter so that even the MSM has to report what they are saying due to the deluge of breast-beating?


I got no idea.

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  1. I can’t stand to hear Obama’s voice — I know all too well the “stuff” that he is spinning.

    I think Republicans resist hysteria politics for a reason similar to why white people resist self-identifying as “Euro-Americans.” Once we begin to act like the destroyers, we become one of them.

    I realize I’m not offering a solution. I don’t have the brains to think of one. Wish I could. I love our nation and fear for it.

    1. Why NOT be the destroyers? Just, you know, of collectivism and its related ideologies?

      What I find incomprehensible, is a party that went to the mat to defeat Communism on so many foreign shores, but won’t bother fighting it domestically.

      It was easy enough to make a mortal enemy out of a foreign nation state which few Americans had ever visited, and which uses a strange writing style. It’s a much tougher proposition, when it’s your putative countrymen whose ideology you have to utterly vanquish.

      1. You misunderstood my post. I’ll try again — the Progs, by the way, seem to easily dehumanize those who disagree with them.

        What I meant was that the Prog goal is to divide us, balkanize us, and render the Constitution irrelevant to how the nation is run. Their riots and protest squeal fest is part of this effort.

        If we do this, too, we are joining them, not opposing their goals.

        1. I disagree. Destroying them & their America-hating & America-destroying ideology is saving the country. It’s not “becoming one of them. We can fight back hard & relentlessly without lying. All we have to do is tell the truth, constantly & loudly.

          1. Once again, to defeat them you have to do it in the battle of ideas. The Republicans, as has been stated, don’t have a consistent coherent message. If they did, the Democrats would have to reply to it.

            Take Clinton and impeachment, Democrats, “It’s all about sex.” Republicans, “It’s not about sex it’s about lying under oath and taking advantage of an intern and………………” Democrats come back, “It’s all about sex.” Republicans end up all red faced trying to explain why it isn’t. See what I mean?

        2. You don’t treat cancer with aspirin. And when you pull weeds, you rip them out to the root.

          I know what you mean; but the evils of collectivism cannot coexist with liberty.

          Look at Venezuela: Hugo Chavez won in 1998 by promising an end to corruption, patronage, and poverty. How’s that workin’ out?

          Hell, how’d the Obama years work out for us? And how close were we to having Cankles von Pantsuit in the Oval Office to finish the job?

          Collectivism is the ultimate evil: it seeks the subjugation of the masses and the extirpation of individualism. And to get there, it has to lie, by promising exactly the opposite.

          Even worse, its rulers sleep quite well, even as the masses they oppress are reduced to utter destitution. And why? Because it’s all being done for putatively virtuous reasons.

          Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I ultimately see no possibility of peaceful coexistence between American makers and collectivist takers.

  2. Good question.
    The answer might be that the public doesn’t buy the Dem hysterics and verbiage. The last shutdown when MrO was President turned into a big, meanie Dem action that prevented us little people from even looking at a mountain.

    We know who’s at fault. We aren’t buying the Dem misery.
    We haven’t bought their stuff for quite a while – just look how many elected offices held by Repubs across the whole country.
    The Dems/MSM might hold us deplorables and uneducated White/blue collar folk in contempt, but it ain’t working.
    Didn’t work last November and won’t work now.

  3. I think Paul Ryan is too busy in Europe or somewhere subtly arguing that TPP is not dead. McConnell is home, ironing his white flag.

    The Republicans are an ineffective political party whether they be in the majority or the minority.

    Besides fighting is the stuff of the military . It is too unladylike for our hoity toity Congress Critters.

  4. I suspect Mr Trump is savy enough to also use the ‘never let a calamity go to waste’ slogan. So the Government shuts down and EPA, State, and host of other ‘non-essentials’ do too. Maybe, just maybe they can only reopen in a ‘limited fashion’?!?

    The Dem’s might really not want what they seem to be wishing for, because they are dealing with a smart, tough man.

    1. Frederick,

      You are on it…. Leave a shut down in the hands of Trump…He’ll have done in a few weeks what RINOs have talked for years… He’ll triage things and prove by action that certain departments are essentially worthless…

      Bring it Dumbs…er.. Dems

  5. I don’t think the Republicans really know how to do what the Democrats do so well. And the Republicans are afraid to try.
    You know, even though Republicans control the WH, House and Senate, the Democrats still control the MSM. That is where their power lies.
    Even if it is the Democrats who shut down the government, the MSM will blame the Republicans.

  6. “Democrats won’t give him a penny for it.”

    So what?

    They have no power. None. The Democrats aren’t needed for a damn thing.

    Republicans are in charge … or at least they should be since they have the votes.

    Ignore the left. Pass the legislation and fund it.

    The end.

  7. Great question! I can’t believe the GOP hasn’t developed an effective communications strategy for ANY government initiative. Higher a marketing and communications firm for crying out loud! Here’s a thought starter:
    – Game out the dialog: what will you say, anticipate Dem response, and how you will respond, etc., etc.
    – Use the talk radio and Fox News outlets, of course
    – Saturate conservative / GOP websites
    – Saturate social media and drive the narrative
    – Use local media to counteract the Dems mainstream media advantage
    – Send the competent FEW GOP spokespeople on the mainstream media (competent means they can stay on message)
    – Those who can’t stay on message read scripted text in group appearances
    – The real incompetent people just issue press releases written by the party.

    Maybe that’s not much of a plan, but it’s more than the GOP have.

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  9. The Republicans never fail to live up to their “stupid party” label. They have no clue. Does anyone believe the Democrats would be in power, without the Presidency, for 6 years and then not have a plan to repeal and replace a Republican piece of legislation they wanted to get rid of? The stupid party did just that.

    They’re forever getting caught with their pants down and they shouldn’t be. This has been happening for years but, apparently, either no one has noticed, or no one has a clue how to stop it.

    Let me give them a clue, stop treating the press with respect, or at least treat them with the same respect they treat you. Get your messaging down pat BEFORE you talk with the press. Finally, if you don’t have an answer avoid the press.

  10. Remember that just as Obama used his authority to make the government shutdown as painful and disruptive as possible, Trump has the authority to make the government shutdown as painless and unnoticeable as possible. The Democrats worst nightmare is if Trump executes the shutdown, lays off thousands of bureaucrats, and nobody notices, or if the general public even approves. Then he simply waits for the Democrats to pass HIS budget, one agency at a time, with massive budget cuts all around. If the Democrats want their precious agencies like the EPA to come back to work, they’ll have to knuckle under to Trumps terms. Or the bureaucrats stay home. With no pay.

    This is an opportunity. Trump has an opportunity to crash-balance the Federal budget on his terms. If he’s smart he’ll do it.

  11. I for one welcome a shut down when only 83% of the federal government is operational. When no one notices, it will just provide dispositive proof the federal government is too damn big.

  12. Spineless nebbishes in the GOP congressional delegation haven’t the stones for it — they’ll leave President Trump swinging in the wind and run for cover like they always do. Led, of course, by John McCain, Ms Lindsey and Susan Collins.

  13. ***
    The Teflon Donald will just tweet out the response savaging the donks for the shutdown. No army of political hacks needed anymore.

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