As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

President Trump’s Weekly Address – April 21, 2017

He’s gotten a lot better at reading from a script, I’d say.

These remarks focuses on steps he took this week to protect American workers.

5 Responses to President Trump’s Weekly Address – April 21, 2017

  1. So, he’s “gotten better” at reading a script, you say. Really.
    Is there anyone with a podium at the MSM who can say anything about MrTrump without the snide sneers, without reminding the public that he was the “surprising” winner last November or that he said stupid things 20 years ago?
    He’s not smooth like MrObama. He doesn’t have a cadre of handlers like MrsClinton. He doesn’t have people at the MSM who cover for his gaffes or his misstatements.

    What we see is the real Donald Trump. He makes mistakes. He isn’t perfect. Everything he does isn’t wonderful.
    We know that.
    We knew that.
    We believe in him, believe that he is doing what he promised, trying to do things that should be done.
    Give it a rest, MSM.

    • I agree.
      Oh…there is so much more I could say. So much more I want to say.
      President Trump is but a man. I pray that he is aware that he is an important part of God’s will. I pray he seeks God’s wisdom in all he does.
      In brief: I, for one, have filled my quota of listening to reporters and politicians reciting the currently accepted politically correct remarks regarding any specific incident.
      All the while, they all ignore Venezuela.
      All the while, they ignore human trafficking.
      All the while, they ignore rampant pedophilia.
      Someday, we will all answer to God.
      I say good luck to them – because they will need it.
      And I do not believe in luck. There is only God’s perfect will. So there is a great deal of dripping abundant sarcasm in my wishes for all these lying hypocrites.

  2. I’m not to concerned what others think, what I know is that President Trump (snow flakes don’t like the reminder that he is President, I use it early and often) is doing what he has pledged to do when he is able.

    And regardless what the Far left MSM says or attacks and how many little bragging he does I am Sooo thankful that PRESIDENT Trump is President.