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Obama to Begin Lecturing America Again Monday

Yes, he’s back from Tahiti, rested and ready to start interfering.

Barack Obama Monday will make what I think is his first public appearance since President Trump’s inauguration, landing in Chicago to get young victims of microagressions excited about community organizing.

From Obama’s office:

President Barack Obama will be joined by young leaders on Monday, April 24, 2017 at 11am CT for a conversation on community organizing and civic engagement at the University of Chicago.* This event is part of President Obama’s post-presidency goal to encourage and support the next generation of leaders driven by strengthening communities around the country and the world. Young adults from schools in the Chicago area have been invited to attend the event.

So the ex-president is already going to start spurring people to protest against his successor. I mean, what do you think these people are going to be organizing for, funding for a memorial to Milton Friedman?

And in case you were concerned, don’t be. Obama can’t start making $1 million speeches right away, it would look crass, so he’ll have to do some of this nonsense first. He’ll get there. Not, though, that he doesn’t sincerely believe in community organizing against President Trump.


*Misplaced modifier alert: Note that the first sentence of the Obama statement suggests that the eventual community organizing and civic engagement will occur only at the University of Chicago.

Also, if you take a close look, the next sentence doesn’t make any sense. Are the next generation of leaders going to be driven by strengthening communities, or are they going to be strengthening communities? Or driven by the goal of strengthening communities.

I guess we’ll need to tune in to find out just what the hell is going on!

19 Responses to Obama to Begin Lecturing America Again Monday

    • and why did NO ONE in the “MSM” (looking at you FOXNews) ever report that ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ spent a month off in Tahiti without his ‘family’…???

      • Barack Obama — The enemy within America. Fake family, fake news, dumb and dumber, evil, troublemaker, communist, he radiates racism,filled with hatred for America and Americans, He was a true token president because he didn’t have any qualificaitons, just his race got him in. He’s a typical Chicago guy! Thats where he belongs, Chicago, glad he’s going back there.

  1. Community in this context is code word for Black community of Dems.
    He’s not concerned with the White community being “strengthened” or the minority Repubs in Chicago getting a stronger voice in local politics.
    No one in politics has ever uttered the phrase “the White community”, but rather described Whites as blue-collar, Repubs, or just insulted the whole of them with accusations of racism, sexism, etc.

    OK. He’s going to talk to young “adults” from Chicago schools. Nice. Hope he enjoys the adulations and cheers.
    Then go back to Tahiti or Belize or anywhere outside the US border.

  2. There is no evidenceThat Obama was ever a community organizer. He says he was. But I’ve never seen anybody on TV or radio said yeah Obama really helped us out.

  3. If HRC were POTUS, all means of communication would either carry this “I’M BACK (think the Shining)or be blocked until such time as Obama was finished.

    And why — always — the children? Ok, I know why but talk about hypocrisy.

    Forget Berkeley, Ann Coulter should speaker at Chicago, the next day.

  4. America did not need his ‘help’ for last 3 months & sure as hell doesn’t need it now. Not to ignore his Handlers stirring the Crap while he played innocent.