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Video || American Flag Falls as DNC Chair Tom Perez Says “Secretary Clinton”

The man who thinks Republicans “don’t give a shit” knows little about patriotism, something this flag clearly recognizes. It should be careful though that once on the floor, the Clintons, one of whom has been impeached and the other of whom endangered national security secrets for her own benefit, don’t stomp on it.

H/T Washington Examiner.

5 thoughts on “Video || American Flag Falls as DNC Chair Tom Perez Says “Secretary Clinton””

  1. Keith honey, at least Debbie Messer Shnits is GONE as DNC chair!!

    BTW, where is the Muslim head of DNC instead of this immigrant waste of space??
    Are IslamoDems teetering or just drunk?

  2. Keith, I saw the headline and at first thought it was a metaphor for Perez admitting defeat in the general election, and then saw the video and watched the flag actually fall. LOL.

  3. Remember long ago when the Presidential Seal fell off of President Obama’s podium?

    Our national symbols have the ability to comment, it seems.

  4. Nobody knows who Perez is. Kind of ironic that he needs Hillary’s primary opponent, the Socialist Sanders, to make an appeal to Democrats.

    I get confused and think it’s about time the Democrats change their name to the Social Democrat Party of America.

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