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Maxine Waters Says: “I Have Not Called for Impeachment.” Except, Many Times

Of course, Maxine Waters is always good for a laugh. But I don’t know if this is just her usual inanity.

By dispatching one of their colleagues who is always willing to say anything, no matter how dumb, the Democrats have a useful tool to help them drill into the collective unconscious that Trump is not a legitimate president, which is their strategy. So Maxine may be a bit craftier here than she seems.

18 Responses to Maxine Waters Says: “I Have Not Called for Impeachment.” Except, Many Times

  1. The lady is not funny, doesn’t make anyone laugh. Her shouts and accusations are accepted by a lot of Dems who believe that PresTrump is a Russian puppet who will do all manner of communist things while in the Oval Office. He will, uh, stifle free speech everywhere, he will force Congress to take away our rights to everything, and we will all have to learn to like borsch and stuffed cabbage. Vodka, straight up, too.

    We think she’s not sane or very bright, but she has followers. She also has some powerful backers who are keeping her in the spotlight. The perfect PC accuser – woman/Black/Dem. Maybe she’s a LGBTqwerty, too – a perfect storm of PC protection.

    • And her constituents are happy to have her bring home the bacon and share in the governments’ money from taxpayers.

      Maxine and her tribe is just one more example of the need to drain the Congressional swamp.

    • The dems DO NOT BELIEVE Trump is a Russian puppet no matter how much they try to make US believe it. They are full of it, they know damn well he’s not a puppet for Russia, but they do believe the American people are DUMB AND THAT WE WILL BELIEVE TRUMPIS A PUPPET BECAUSE THEY SAY SO! Most people do not believe it and think the dems are just low-class dumb bunnies who just want to bring everyone into the ocuntry and ruin it, so they would have power again. Not a chance (I hope), we all can’t be as dumb as they think we are, can they?

    • The Murdoch boys are transitioning Fox to the Left. I no longer get cable so I don’t care what happens to Fox, except as an alternate voice. The Left is winning this one because Conservatives refuse to fight.

      Say what you will about Bill O Reilly but this is based on innuendos which may or may be fact and Fox politics.

      I support women, but I am tired and quite frankly disgusted by all these women coming out of the woodwork for events that happened 10 years +/- ago. They were happy to ride it to the top and now they are aggrieved. And their sexist grievances are another way to the top.

      • Terrible what they are doing to O’Reilly. I don’t believe in the way they are b roadcasting it all over the place either. Hypocrites, the Murdock morons.

      • I think its dems like Clinton, fake indian Warren, Mr. Schiff, that old guy who was tortured in Viet Nam (I won’t even mention his name)– he’s a fake Republican now, just out to get Trump and Maxine Waters and her ilk commies, socialists, etc. etc. who are out to get any Republican out because of Trump. Getting our dear Bill O off the airways, they think this will help the dems win again? I think not. But I do think the whole thing is a conspiracy to get Repubs out of the way. But a lot of us American see right through their fake news lies and stories every night. I do hope that nothing guy Ossoff loses and the Repubs come out in droves in June to vote. Spread the word to vote everyone in June against Ossoff!!! Go Republicans, fight back for a change, stop being traitors and wusses or we’ll lose everything we gained like the House, Senate, President, etc. Get over the anti-Trump stuff some of you Republicans. He’s the best right now!

    • Non-PC:
      IMO, men are aggressive in their zeal to mate with women – Not their fault, they are made that way.
      Some are more aggressive than they should be, no doubt.
      A man making an “offer” to a woman is not an assault or a crime, it’s the natural dance of man&woman.
      Whatever went on between MrO’Reilly and others might be a crime or it might be assumed to be too aggressive or it might be his assumption that his advances would be welcome.
      I don’t know what happened, but unless physical or verbal threats were made, it’s the age old courtship.
      IMO, of course.

      • I don’t think he touched any of these “women”. and I believe it is a conspiracy, dems and repubs bringing down O’Reilly because Trump is his buddy. This baloney with Repubs and dems against Trump and O’Reilly and others is so blatantly obvious and The New York Times starts all these crazy fake news and charges. This new America is now like the old Commie Russia with reporters lieing, fake newspaper articles, FAKE NEWS CABLE STATIONS. SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT THIS EVIL FAKE STUFF AGAINST tRUMP AND O’REILLY. WHEN WILL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WAKE UP AND REVOLT AGAINST THESE EVIL DEMS WHO ARE JUST PLAIN LOSERS WHO CONSTANTLY DESTROY PEOPLE FOR THEIR DUMB POLITICS.

    • Whenever discussing smear campaigns and the like with guests, O’Reilly would often say things like “They’ve been out to get me for years” – apparently, they finally succeeded. I also don’t know what happened here…but if it was just unproven accusations, it’s a shame he was forced out.

      I had an oddly emotional reaction to this today…my mom, who passed away four years ago, used to watch a lot of Fox News in the evening. She lived a couple hours away from me, and I used to call her every night toward the end of O’Reilly’s show – she enjoyed watching him and would invariably ask me, “Did you watch O’Reilly tonight?” and our political discussions would begin from there…every night.

      End of an era.

      • I think Fox will find there are more BO fans than they thought. I don’t think they care, but shortsighted as his ratings brought in a lot of bucks to the show.

        In the end, they will be a second rate CNN. Hopefully the real talent left can find a new home — perhaps a new conservative show! Wouldn’t that be nice.

        PS My dad was like your Mom and we would have similar conversations.

  2. As we have noted before, Maxine Waters is a bought and paid for member of the Socialist Democrat party in the Congress, one of about 70 members of the SD in Congress. The SD is an affiliate of, and owes allegiance to, the Socialist Internationale, not the Democrat party. They publicly call themselves the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Here’s the list:

    I often wonder how many members of the corporate press are also bought and paid for by the Socialist Democrats.

  3. OT I didn’t want to ruin anything nice — like the Spicer moment or Trump’s schedule so thought I would put it here with crazy old Maxine.

    No comment about prayer or employees rights, etc. I just want to savor the schadenfreude.

    In the very liberal city of Seattle, at the Amazon offfices the very liberal Jeff Bezos is now called before the ROP , supported by the SEIU, to provide accommodation etc. for their prayers.
    No one is being denied the right to pray.

    No matter which way he turns Bezos is going to suck wind on this one.

    Click on the internal link to get the whole thing. And this boys and girls is how America got to be a caliphate. /sarc

  4. Maxine Waters – don’t know how she works in government. She must be the luckiest illiterate woman thats for sure. Whenever she speaks, she reads a script written for her and the person who writes the script is not too bright either. She made it clear that she doesn’t know her American history, she lives in a bubble of against all good things American with her group of other illiterates. She and a hundred others like her say they are socialists. They have no shame and definitely no love for America or other Americans. They are the enemy within and all of us better wake up and see these “socialists” for what they are, the enemy within. They should all be thrown out of here and sent to Venezuela or Cuba and see what real socialism is like, its starvation, filth and misery in Venezuela, that is where Maxine Waters should be with her garbage mouth against President Trump, our President whether she likes it or not. Maxine Waters has been under investigation by the Ethics Committee for crooked dealings with a bank, thats the type of person she is. And she has the nerve to speak about Our President in her screeching low-class unAmerican lousy tone of voice.